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PEA RIDGE -- A Pea Ridge man is in the hospital and a Garfield man is in jail as a result of a two-vehicle collision shortly after 7 p.m. Oct. 10.

Donny L. Griffin, 36, Garfield, was booked into the Benton County Jail in connection with driving while intoxicated, 2nd offense, and reckless driving. Police said additional charges may be sought due to the extent of injuries sustained by Anderson.

Tyler John Anderson, 20, Pea Ridge, was taken by ambulance to the hospital.

"When we arrived, there was debris and one of the subjects was lying on the road," according to the police report on the accident involving Griffin, who was driving a 2007 Ford Crown Victoria, and Anderson, who was driving a 2016 Kawasaki motorcycle.

During the investigation, police administered a breathalyzer test using a portable breath test to Griffin with a result of .294, according to the police report.

Anderson, who was transported to a local hospital by Pea Ridge Ambulance, was still hospitalized Tuesday, after having surgery to repair injuries caused in the collision. He was wearing a helmet during the collision.

Both Anderson and Griffin were headed west/northwest on Arkansas Highway 94 (West Pickens Road) when Griffin's vehicle struck the motorcycle from behind. According to the report, it did not appear that Griffin made any attempt to stop or swerve to avoid the collision.

"After impact of the two vehicles, Griffin's vehicle continued to travel 450 feet northwest until coming to a final rest. Anderson's motorcycle traveled 407 feet before it came to a final resting spot. Based on the evidence, Griffin's vehicle was pushing the motorcycle under the front of the vehicle until Griffin's vehicle drove over the top of the motorcycle and continued another 43 feet," according to the report.

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