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Vote against extend tax for UA System school

As a founding member of the Citizens Against Unfair Taxes, I feel obliged to say we are not against higher education and wholeheartedly support higher education as long as the resources aren't wasted. College costs on a whole have doubled since 2000, outpacing inflation by a factor of two. Administrative bloat, gold-plated facilities and cheap student loan money have given the college system a blank check to spend money without concern for cost. The overtaxed citizens of Sebastian County do not need to pay for bloated salaries and wasteful expenditures.

Ask yourself why UAFS is the only four-year college in the UA System supported by local taxes?

The original tax was supposed to allow

Westark College to transition to a four-year college and by the time this proposed "temporary" tax expires it will be 30 years?

Attendance is down 23% from 2010. Wouldn't they need less money? Perhaps the money is being spent poorly.

Arkansas is already tax uncompetitive with our neighboring states and high sales taxes are a primary component of that equation. When you add in the high water/sewer bills and millage increases, it adds up to a regressive tax on the citizens who can least afford it.

Mark McCourt

Fort Smith

Jordan's work suggests he deserves new term

Lioneld Jordan deserves another term to see the items the citizens passed get completed. Covid interrupted many projects with delays in materials and trying to figure out how to proceed.

The new library addition will be a game changer in how libraries are used for the community in ways that go way beyond words. Virtual reality work force training for jobs; the teaching kitchen for adults; and young teens can learn about many opportunities for food-related jobs; the virtual reality lab; multipurpose center; and the large outside gathering glade -- all create a large community center with books.

Lioneld Jordan has been a library user his entire life and is a strong supporter. He listens to his constituents as the library did with many public gatherings.

We support the library and Lioneld Jordan.

Ann Henry


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