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Stephenson's reputation suited for district judge

There are two candidates for the open position of district judge in Washington County. The male candidate uses signs that imply that he is currently a district judge. He is not a judge. He claims to be "fair" while he uses misleading campaign signage. Do not be fooled by that candidate.

The other candidate, Tara Stephenson, has an excellent reputation. She has 14 years of experience in our local courtrooms. She deserves your vote to become our district judge.

Tom Overbey


Good thing Republicans not in charge in WWII

During World War II, Americans sacrificed greatly. We rationed gas, milk, sugar, rubber, paper, metals, shoes, nylons, cigarette, etc., for the war effort against the fascist nations of Germany, Italy, and Japan. We cultivated victory gardens, bought war bonds in record numbers, and millions took defense jobs. My grandparents, for instance, moved to San Francisco and took their five children with them to work in the shipyards for two years. Sixteen million Americans served in the armed forces, 10 million were volunteers, and we lost over 400,000 in the war and millions wounded and injured.

It's a good thing that Democrats were in charge then and not today's snowflake Republicans. If they were we would be speaking German or Japanese today. Today in the war against covid-19, the Republicans and their leader, Trump, won't wear a mask, socially distance, or wash their hands to prevent spreading the virus. Mike Lee refused to wear a mask at a Senate hearing and he has the virus. Unbelievable!

Asking Americans to mitigate the spread of covid-19 is patriotic and the wise thing to do and requires leadership we are not getting from today's Republicans. They need to be defeated in the elections in November.

Lee Lewis


Odom's dedication shows, will matter as new judge

I came to know Conrad Odom through our work together on the Fayetteville Public Education Foundation Board. As director of any nonprofit organization, you find your best board members, like Conrad, to be those with a true passion for your cause. As a 1984 graduate of Fayetteville High School, Conrad was inducted into the Fayetteville Schools Hall of Honor in 2019, where he was honored for his example of the school's motto: "Fidelity, Honor, and Service." As a board member for the Fayetteville Public Education Foundation, no task was too small nor too great for him, from setting up our events to helping raise funds for what is now a $4 million endowment to support public school students and teachers with grant fund resources for their classrooms and giving students the opportunity to experience the best education possible.

I have known Conrad to have a true heart of service for the children and families of our community. He not only served children of the public schools, but also local Boy Scout troops, and the Boys and Girls Club. By electing Conrad our new juvenile judge, you will ensure that same level of commitment and concern for the best possible future of all children who go before him, regardless of their place in life.

Please cast your vote for Conrad Odom this Nov. 3 to serve as juvenile judge. He will demonstrate true passion for the child's best interest, commitment to the task before him and a heart of service.

Treva Hamilton


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