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story.lead_photo.caption Oaxis Digital Forehead Thermometer and Rawlogy Cork Massage Ball

Rawlogy Cork Massage Ball

What's to love: Provides lightweight and travel ready way to de-stress and self massage sore or tired muscles.

What does it do: The balls are available in three sizes. They are made from cork and were designed by hikers to self massage while on backpacking trips. The cork is sustainable and eco-friendly. There is also a cork roller available, all come with set of directions on best ways for use. I tried the small cork ball by rolling it under each foot. It was the perfect size and density to massage tired feet. Prices vary according to size and bundles are also available. Visit for more information.

OAXIS Non-Contact Digital Thermometer

What's to love: A precise digital thermometer that can measure body temperature without having to touch the subject.

What does it do: Take a quick temperature by pointing the probe lens from 1/2 to 6 inches away from the center of the subject's forehead and press the button for a reading using infrared technology. Up to 25 results can be saved to track changes in temperature. The thermometer automatically turns itself off after 10 seconds of non use. The thermometer sells for $49.99. More information is available here:

CORRECTION: The web address to find more information about the OAXIS Non-Contact Digital Thermometer is The address was incorrect in an earlier version of this column.

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