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  1. The boxer made a -------- with his right, then followed with a left hook.

  2. You might want to -------- your options.

  3. Oscar Wilde play title: "The Importance of -------- Earnest."

  4. The anthem "God Save the Queen" contains the line "Long to -------- over us."

  5. A god or goddess.

  6. Musical comedian Alfred Matthew Yankovic is known as "--------Al."

  7. "Carpe diem" translates to "-------- the day."

  8. The kids always -------- sleep when I go in to check on them.

  9. Shakespeare: "Nor would we -------- him burial of his men."


  1. Feint

  2. Weigh

  3. Being

  4. Reign

  5. Deity

  6. Weird

  7. Seize

  8. Feign

  9. Deign

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