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story.lead_photo.caption UV Care Pocket Sanitizer and WORX 12V Multifunction Jump Starter

WORX 12V Multifunction Jump Starter

What's to love: Not only will this jump start 12-volt car batteries, but can be used to charge cellphones and other small electronics and has LED lights that can be used for a work light, flashlight or emergency light and is small enough to be stored in the glove box.

What does it do: The starter is rectangular and narrow with a platform base. It comes with heavy duty battery clamps, 12V charging cable, and a USB charging cable. The LED lights can be configured several ways including a solid bright white for a work light or red and flashing red lights for emergencies. It has a retractable hook for hanging and the base is magnetic so that it can be securely attached to a vehicle or other metallic surfaces. The Jump Starter is covered by a three year limited warranty and sells for $99.99. For more information, visit

UV Care Pocket Sanitizer

What's to love: It is a portable device that uses UV light to kill bacteria, viruses and molds on surfaces.

What does it do: Flip open and turn on and hold the light a quarter inch above a surface to disinfect. Move the light slowly for at least 2 to 3 seconds over an area before moving on to another section. Use the device to sanitize phones, keys, countertops or toys. It is powered by four AAA batteries and can also be used with a mini USB cable. For safety, the light automatically turns off when it is pointed up. The sanitizer is available in several colors and sells for $42.99. Visit for more information.

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