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HOT SPRINGS — Pullman and Sunset trails in Hot Springs National Park were closed Thursday after a fire in a truck stolen from the Garland County landfill spread to the forest, according to officials from the park and the Visit Hot Springs tourism agency.

The Pullman Trailhead parking area at the end of Pullman Avenue was also closed.

Pullman Trail, a nearly 1-mile trail segment that includes a 0.65-mile section of Hot Springs National Park, is open to hikers and mountain bikers. It provides a direct connection from downtown to the Northwoods Trails system.

Thursday’s fire was confined to national park property.

A photographer at the scene observed Garland County Sheriff’s Office investigators examining the charred remains of a pickup in the area of the fire. Hot Springs National Park rangers were also observed at the scene.

Garland County Judge Darryl Mahoney told The Sentinel-Record on Thursday that a pickup was stolen from the landfill during a break-in the night before. He said the pickup had been identified as the one stolen from the landfill.

Jori Welchans, supervisory park ranger and interpretation, education and volunteer program manager for the national park, said the fire covered 5 to 7 acres and, as of 2:30 p.m., was still going but contained.

Welchans said the fire started with the vehicle, then spread to the woods. There were no reported injuries, Welchans said.

Welchans said there have not been any other fires in the national park recently.

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