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Relapse Records

Myrkur’s Amalie Bruun has always paved her own path and challenged underground preconceptions of heavy genres. Just after newfound motherhood, Bruun set out on a journey into the very heart of the Scandinavian culture that marked her own childhood with her latest album, “Folkesange,” out March 20. “Folkesange” relinquishes Bruun’s former home in black metal for a refined yet far-reaching evocation of traditional folk, combining songs ancient and new to sublimely resonant effect.

Free from over-interpretation and fusion, the use of Kulning (an ancient Scandinavian herding call) and traditional instruments throughout, such as nyckelharpa, lyre and mandola, offer a deeper, more tactile connection to their source, an unbroken line of communication back to the past.

“Plead the 5th”

Young T & Bugsey

Epic Records

Off the heels of major buzz and a Top 10 UK single, rising British rap duo Young T & Bugsey released their debut mixtape “Plead the 5th” on March 20.

On their debut project, Young T & Bugsey showcase their unique rap ability, along with their knack for creating earworms, proving that they are one of the most promising young talents coming out of the UK today. “Plead the 5th” embodies all of the core elements that the duo have come to be celebrated for around the world, featuring jumpy and energetic tracks, while also having a perfect blend of catchy and vibey tracks.

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Print Headline: Scandinavian Artist Turns From Black Metal To Folksy Roots

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