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Covid-19 overreaction driven by Democrats

This is not so much a pandemic as a panic-demic.

CNN and MSNBC broadcast an endless stream of fear, fright, hysteria, worry, neediness and self-pity.

Eighty percent of deaths from COVID-19 occur in those over age 65 with two or more co-morbidities, mostly obesity plus hypertension. Of the deaths, 96 percent involve co-morbidities, again mostly obesity and hypertension. Of 44,016 deaths, only 10 were in children younger than age 15.

The shutdown is national insanity, but liberals love it. Coronavirus provides the "crisis" Democrats are exploiting to:

(a) not work or go to school;

(b) get "free" money from Uncle Sugar;

(c) seek more "free" money from Uncle Sugar to subsidize states that don't balance their own budgets;

(d) use the $1,200 stimulus checks as precedent for guaranteed income (I bought two handguns);

(e) disrupt employer-provided health insurance to set the ground for national health insurance;

(f) and destroy the world's best economy for partisan political reasons, to hurt President Trump's chances of being reelected.

Democrats want to wait for the "guarantee" of a vaccine, but a vaccine provides no guarantee. We have a flu vaccine but 61,000 Americans died from the flu last year. I get the vaccine, but sometimes I still get the flu.

If covid-19 confers immunity, let's get on with it and spread immunity. If covid-19 does not confer immunity, then we just have to learn to live (and die) with it.

We built thousands of hospital rooms we don't need, while bankrupting hundreds of community hospitals we do need.

We spent billions on ventilators that "cure" only 10 percent of patients treated (while damaging their lungs). We built so many ventilators that we're giving them away to other countries.

In April three professors at the University of Arkansas received a $185,000 grant from the National Science Foundation to study the impact of covid-19 "fear" in America. Seriously. One preliminary finding was that Republicans are less fearful than Democrats. No sugar, Sherlock. I would have done that study for only $150,000. Or a pitcher of beer.

During the Great Depression, President FDR told Americans "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." Today's Democrats wallow in fear and waste. What would you expect from a party that thinks it's "normal" for college-age "males" to put down their coloring books and leave their "safe spaces" to put on pink vagina hats in public?

Several friends have gotten covid-19. I don't know anyone who has died. But I know a thousand friends from the airlines whose careers, families and lives are being destroyed.

I'm 69 and 50 pounds overweight with high blood pressure and a history of lung diseases. But if you're 65 or older then you've had at least 47 years to get yourself healthy. If you're fat like me, that's our problem, not a reason to destroy everyone else's life.

I don't want to look down from Heaven and see my granddaughters pissing on my grave because I was too fat and selfish to care about them.

Peter Tonnessen


Commentary on 05/22/2020

Print Headline: Letters to the editor

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