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Everyone paying price for unhealthy choices

If life is so valuable, why do we have a country that is 40 percent obese? That leads to a poor immune system, not enabling a person to withstand the covid 19 virus. If people have no desire to maintain their health, why should we expect the government to do it with lockdowns and wearing masks?

This has been handled all wrong, affecting everyone to protect the lazy and the people with medical issues, who should have enough sense to protect themselves. We are ruining a way of life over a virus.

We have baseball players claiming to risk their lives for millions of dollars. These people should have walked through the jungles of Vietnam or rushed the beach at Normandy and they would know what risking their life is all about.

A half-century ago, one in 100 Americans were severely obese; now we have 10 times that amount, which leads to more than 300,000 deaths per year. Now, a lot of those deaths are given the covid label.

We have a soft society that is very drama driven. Of course, the media certainly entertains this phenomena. No one says people need to get healthy to withstand any virus that might come along and not expect the government to protect a person.

Allen Johnson


Were shutdowns needed to achieve these results?

Oh, proud people of Arkansas, methinks thou protests too little. While other states far more affected by the China Red Death have taken to a more normal life or assembled protests to do so, we sit on our collective rear ends and watch our economy crumble. My aunt and uncle own what was once a very popular restaurant overlooking one of the most beautiful backdrops this state can boast. Now, since it resides a mile from the Missouri boarder, diners would rather travel a couple miles than be faced with ridiculous restrictions just to enter.

Aren't we are supposed to be the United States of America? As a resident of this country, are we not entitled to travel from its golden valley to its diamond deserts unmolested? Not if you want to travel to Arkansas! Out-of-staters who would like to enjoy our scenic wonders are shown a cold shoulder when attempting to secure a hotel vacancy. My family has enjoyed two separate nights in a hotel outside our state's boarder with no inquiries or harassment. But our fellow Americans are not welcome in my state. They might give us the bug. Is this even legal? And for what? Less than one half of one percent of our 330 million population test positive for this virus. And of those unlucky ones, roughly 6 percent have died from it (if you believe the numbers are not being skewed).

Oh, but yes, we Arkansans have been social distancing, washing hands and wearing masks. Now we're contemplating contact tracing. We've been doing what we've been told, but did Arkansas really have to go through all its business shutdowns to accomplish the numbers we're seeing today? How much different would the situation look had Arkansas, in its initial response, conservatively trimmed back on business capacities just as it is conservatively opening up now? Were business shutdowns necessary?

At least one brave soul, who looked and sounded a lot like our governor, thought hair salons should open prior to Mother's Day to provide "some type of treatment." Now that's progress!

As for me, my dining currency is and will be spent outside the state where well-wishers in Oklahoma and Missouri don't require a mask to sit down until my drink or meal arrives. We are treated like Americans should be treated ... with respect. Wake up, Arkansas. It's time we were treated like adults.

Brad Welch


Commentary on 05/21/2020

Print Headline: Letters to the editor

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