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Don’t be vain: Wear masks for protection

On a recent trip to Walmart, my wife an I noticed that perhaps 30% to 40% of the customers were wearing masks, as opposed to all the workers. Then on the news I hear a security guard was shot because he asked someone to wear a mask. In some ways this is not surprising. Our president makes a point of never wearing a mask and our vice president failed to wear a mask in a hospital with everyone around him masked. On the other hand, our governor makes a point of coming to his daily briefing with a mask and making it a bit of a fashion statement with a new themed mask every day. So who is showing the leadership needed to get past this epidemic?

We need to work to open the economy back up, but at the same time take steps to control the virus. How will that happen if many people are too vain or too selfish to use the simple precaution of a mask in public places? It’s a sad paradox that those who most want the economy reopened are the ones doing the most to keep it closed.

The wife of one of my colleagues at work made Razorback masks for everyone in the office. Now when I go shopping I not only protect myself and others, I show my support of the Hogs. Finally the mask deniers are missing out on the ironic chuckle that comes from wearing a mask. I had to laugh to myself the other day when I donned my mask — to walk into the bank!


West Fork

Work of NWA hospital for kids deserves kudos

I want to give recognition to all of the staff at Arkansas Children’s Northwest in Spring-dale. My grandson stayed in the hospital for a month, with myself and other family members, and so many people helped us to all feel welcome and comfortable.

The lady in the dining room called several times a day to see if she could get him something to eat, and I could feel her genuine care and concern. He was given so many toys and trinkets to keep his mind occupied during hard days by the wonderful woman in Child Life. I am so thankful for both of these ladies, as well as the cleaning crew who kept his room clean and safe from germs.

Several doctors and nurses showed us love during our stay. He specifically requested Abby, who stuck the vein the first time, every time. Haley was so thoughtful and let him take his medicines at his own pace. Dr. Saylors was constantly thinking outside the box to make him more comfortable and the treatments more effective. We could tell he sincerely cared for my grandson; they had the best relationship, full of silly banter that was full of smiles.

This hospital has gone above and beyond for my family, and I will never be able to voice how grateful I am for every single person who assisted with the treatment of my grandson. God bless you all, and thank you from the deepest reaches of my heart.



[email protected]

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