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story.lead_photo.caption Icy Bev Kooler 2.0 and Boxxle


What's to love: An easier and more attractive way to serve boxed wine.

What does it do: There are some very good boxed wines available but one of the problems is having to have the box at the edge of the counter to dispense the wine. The Boxxle has the spout at the top of the dispenser which makes filling the glass easier. A lift plate inside the Boxxle adds pressure and makes sure that every last drop is dispensed. Boxxle comes with three 3-liter wine preserve bags in case the user prefers to have bottled wine on tap. Just fill the bag with wine and place in the Boxxle. The dispensers are available in stainless steel with black, red or silver trim and sell for $99.

Icy Bev Kooler 2.0

What's to love: Keeps cans or bottles cold and can be used as an insulated water bottle.

What does it do: Made to fit cans or bottles, the vacuum sealed double-wall of the Icy Bev Kooler 2.0 will keep drinks cold. The bottom part can be used as a can cooler, just add the top part if you're drinking from a bottle to keep it cold. If using as a water bottle, a silicone gasket between the two parts prevents leaks. The cap has a built in bottle opener and stores a silicone stopper that may be used to seal an open bottle. The multi-tasking Kooler by Grand Fusion Houseware sells for $24.99.

HomeStyle on 05/16/2020

Print Headline: Tools and Toys

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