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In communities across the nation, people need to be out for blood.

Wisely, we're told daily of the need to "stay home" as the country attempts to reduce a predicted tsunami of covid-19 cases. The prescription is to avoid close contact with others, to limit the number of people we congregate with even at more-than-arms-length distances and to frequently wash our hands.

Very good advice that needs to be followed to reduce the speed by which the coronavirus is traveling through the U.S. population.

But let's set aside consideration of the pandemic for a moment. Life continues, which means medical emergencies of other kinds, such as automobile accidents or health conditions that require immediate surgeries, continue. What's vital to those life-saving efforts? Blood.

The messages from Northwest Arkansas' blood supply advocates aren't subtle: The need is growing as most of the mobile blood drives have been canceled for the next several weeks. Community Blood Center of the Ozarks, which supplies hospitals in Northwest Arkansas, has intensified protective measures to address covid-19 concerns, but as always, giving blood is a safe process that's vital for life-saving efforts in the region. Giving blood, the organizations says, is designated an "essential" activity.

Make an appointment. Give blood. Make a difference. Donors to the Community Blood Center of the Ozarks organization, which has donor centers in Springdale and Bentonville, ensure they're helping people nearby, but above all, give. The American Red Cross needs donors, too, to bolster the national supply.

Let's make sure our health care systems' valiant efforts aren't made even more complicated by a reduced volume of blood supplies.

Commentary on 03/27/2020

Print Headline: It's in the blood

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