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  1. In Greek mythology, everything this king touched turned to gold.

  2. This England king had two of his six wives executed.

  3. This great king of Macedonia died at age 32 in 323 B.C.

  4. This fictional king's three daughters were named Cordelia, Goneril and Regan.

  5. Yul Brynner played King Mongkut of Siam in this 1956 film.

  6. James Earl Ray assassinated this "King" in 1968.

  7. This English king abdicated the throne in 1936.

  8. Name the Spartan king who defended the pass at Thermopylae.

  9. From which film is the song "Can You Feel the Love Tonight"?


  1. King Midas

  2. Henry VIII

  3. Alexander the Great

  4. King Lear

  5. The King and I

  6. Martin Luther King Jr.

  7. Edward VIII

  8. Leonidas I

  9. The Lion King

Weekend on 03/26/2020

Print Headline: Super Quiz: King

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