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Jimmy Carter, 95, the nation's 39th president, called on donors to stop sending money to the Carter Center in Atlanta and instead redirect those funds to community organizations that are working to treat and stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Kevin Cramer, a Republican U.S. senator from North Dakota, said "I'm really sorry it happened" and blamed autocorrect when he sent out a tweet describing Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as "retarded" when he meant to call her stance on a $2 trillion economic stimulus bill "ridiculous."

Harvey Taratoot, 75, who brandished a gun at two women wearing medical masks and gloves at a post office in Alpharetta, Ga., and told them to step back, was arrested after he reportedly told police that he pulled his weapon because he was afraid of getting the coronavirus.

Teresa Hazelwood said she began praying as she rode out a suspected tornado in her car in Tishomingo, Miss., saying she gripped the steering wheel as she felt the vehicle briefly leave the ground and shift out of a parking space outside a store that was demolished by the storm.

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Anne Kasal of St. Louis, who won $50,000 in a lottery game 18 years ago, has won her second large prize, matching six numbers to win a $3 million jackpot, Missouri Lottery officials said.

Christopher Andres, 30, accused of hitting and injuring a father and his 4-year-old son with his car as the pair crossed a New Orleans street after a New Orleans Saints postgame party, was captured in Austin, Texas, after four months on the run, authorities said.

Isai Scheinberg, 73, the founder of PokerStars who was indicted in New York in 2011 with 10 other online gambling company officials on bank-fraud, money-laundering and illegal-gambling charges, faces up to five years in prison after pleading guilty to running an illegal online gambling business.

Jaynie Underwood, 38, a postal worker from Acworth, Ga., was taken into custody and charged with making false statements and other counts after deputies said she lied about backing over a woman with her mail truck as the woman stood beside a mailbox.

Robert Missildine, 25, of Montgomery, Ala., accused of attempting to burn down his mother's home to frighten her when she wouldn't let him inside to take a shower, was charged with arson, police said.

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