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  1. The 40th U.S. president.

  2. "King of the Cowboys."

  3. He played Michael Stivic on All in the Family.

  4. Which actor is most associated with founding the Sundance Film Festival?

  5. He was known for his "Believe It or Not" series.

  6. Noted as the "first black action hero" for his title role in the film Shaft.

  7. American composer known for his partnership with lyricist Lorenz Hart.

  8. He portrayed a villain in Bad Day at Black Rock and Odds Against Tomorrow.

  9. She portrayed Emma in the 1949 film Champion.


  1. Ronald Reagan

  2. Roy Rogers

  3. Rob Reiner

  4. Robert Redford

  5. Robert Ripley

  6. Richard Roundtree

  7. Richard Rodgers

  8. Robert Ryan

  9. Ruth Roman

Food on 03/25/2020

Print Headline: Super quiz: Initials R.R.

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