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story.lead_photo.caption Van Buren's Addison Loney (right) claimed the first Arkansas Activies Association-sanction Arkansas Girls High School Wrestling state title at 140 pounds this season. She has been chosen as the All-NWADG Female Wrestler of the Year for her accomplishments. (NWA Democrat Gazette-Ben Goff)

Tristan Stafford claimed the Class 6A Arkansas High School State Wrestling title a year ago at 106 pounds despite being 6-8 pounds under the weight limit as a sophomore.

The Bentonville High junior returned bigger and stronger this year and dominated the weight class, earning his second straight state championship at 106.

Stafford finished the season 46-1 -- undefeated against in-state competition -- and for his accomplishments has been honored as the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette Boys' Wrestler of the Year.

He has not only excelled against wrestlers in Arkansas but also shown to be among the best in the country in his weight class. Stafford also earned back-to-back All-American honors at the United States Marine Corps Cadet and Junior National Championships held over the summer in Fargo, N.D.

Addison Loney of Van Buren bounced back from a loss in the 6A-West conference tournament to claim the state title in the inaugural Arkansas Activities Association-sanctioned girls' state wrestling tournament at 140 pounds. The sophomore also earned the distinction as the first girls' All-NWADG Wrestler of the Year.

Stafford acknowledged last season he was focused on using good technique to pile up victories since being undersized. He did that just fine to the tune of a 50-8 record. But this season was different, Stafford said.

"I had to focus on myself last year being under weight," Stafford said. "This year I was able to focus on not just winning but being able to help my team by getting bonus points whenever I could."

That worked out well, too, as Stafford helped the Tigers claim their fourth consecutive state team title.

Bentonville coach Jason Adams said Stafford is hard on himself even after wins and sets his goals high.

"Tristan's always motivated to go further and do more," Adams said. "He believes he can win every match and that attitude can take you a long way in life. He's not looking to be second in anything he does."

Stafford was hoping to go undefeated but lost a tough match to an Oklahoma wrestler who would later finish as a state runner-up. Stafford didn't let it derail him though.

"You can only learn from those things," Stafford said. "You can't sit on them and get yourself in a bad place. I think it helped me in the long run."

Loney (22-2) managed to win several matches last season against boys as a regular in the Pointers' line. The freshman was only one win away from a medal in the 6A-West conference tournament.

Tristan Stafford (left) of Bentonville won his second straight Class 6A state wrestling title at 106 pounds and for that he was honored as the All-NWADG male Wrestler of the Year. (NWA Democrat-Gazette/Ben Goff)

"When you go up against a boy and shake hands, you can see whether they are gonna try their hardest because they don't want to lose to a girl or be nice," Loney said. "Sometimes that's not the best idea for them.

"Sitting across the mat they think they have the easiest match. But then you whip their tail end and they re-think that."

Van Buren coach John Petree has watched Loney progress and believes she will have a shot to wrestle in college. She's become an example and should help the girls wrestling team grow.

"We're hoping she's the face of the franchise so to speak, helping to get more girls out," Petree said. "She's about as tough as they come."

Loney lost in the finals of the 6A-West conference tournament and she admitted it hurt. But she roared back to dominate her opponents in the state tournament.

"I was so heartbroken," Loney said. "She definitely beat me, 100 percent. But I pulled myself together and beat some girls at state and feel better about it."

Stafford was planning to compete in several national events but that's been put on the back burner by the recent covid-19 pandemic. Those events include a third trip to Junior Nationals and trying to break through to the finals after finishing third each of the last two years.

"I'm still getting my work in," Stafford said. "We just have to see how things lay out."

Loney, on the other hand, is recovering from a back issue, which plagued her throughout the high school season and is hopeful of returning to action soon.

All NWADG Wrestling


Wrestler of the Year

Tristan Stafford^Bentonville^Jr.^106

Finished with a 46-1 record and won his second consecutive Class 6A state tote at 106 pounds.

The Team


Tristan Stafford^Bentonville^Jr.^106

Finished undefeated against in-state competition and earned a win by fall against two-time state champion Charles Easterling.

Charles Easterling^Bentonville West^Jr.^113

Won the Class 6A state title for the second consecutive season

Quinn Graves^Bentonville^Sr.^120

Earned the Class 6A state title and finished with a 31-15 record.

Walker Fox^Bentonville^Sr.^126

Finished 21-1 and won the Class 6A state title

Jake Adams^Bentonville^Jr.^132

Claimed his third consecutive state title and finished 53-2 — undefeated against in-state competition.

Raphael Marascio^Bentonville^Jr.^138

Finished with a 37-8 record and took second in Class 6A, losing a tough 7-6 match in the finals.

Brody Raines^Bentonville^Sr.^145

Was dominant this season, finishing 51-2 and winning the Class 6A state title after moving from Nebraska in the fall.

Brady Stafford^Bentonville West^Jr.^152

Won the 6A state title, finished with a 48-4 record and claimed 6A-West conference title.

Jason Arnold^Greenwood^Jr.^160

Won the Class 5A state title, finishing 43-7 and also defeated the Class 4A state champion at the Meet of Champions

Lucas Hankins^Shiloh Christian^Sr.^170

Won the Class 4A state title and finished with a 37-3 record.

Devin Swearingen^Van Buren^Sr.^182

Took second in Class 6A, finished with a 36-8 record and won the 6A-West conference title.

Charlie March^Rogers Heritage^Sr.^195

Won his second consecutive Class 6A state title despite battling another knee injury and knocked off the 5A champion at the Meet of Champions to finish undefeated.

Tyler Crossno^Greenwood^So.^220

Won the Class 5A state title, finished with a 42-3 record and won the 5A-West conference title.

Colton Record^Berryville^Sr.^285

Earned his second consecutive Class 4A state title, pinning his way through the state tournament to finish 39-0.


Wrestler of the Year

Addison Loney^Van Buren^So.^140

Claimed the state title at 140 pounds and finished with a 22-2 record.

The Team


Violet Summers^Van Buren^So.^100

Won the 6A-West and state titles while finishing 20-1.

Ashlin Jones^Bentonville^Fr.^108

Took second at the state tournament and avenged a loss in the 6A-West conference tournament.

Kassidy Haggard^Bentonville West^So.^116

Finished 18-2 and taking second in the state tournament after winning the 6A-West conference title.

Emily Monk^Springdale^Jr.^124

Finished third in the state tournament with a n26-2 record and won the 6A-West conference title

April Stanley^Fayetteville^So.^132

Finished second in the state tournament and claimed the 6A-West conference title.

Addison Loney^Van Buren^So.^140

Finished second at the 6A-West conference tournament but pinned her way to the state championship.

Byanca Cook^Springdale^So.^150

Finished fifth in the state tournament with an 18-12 overall record and avenged a loss in the 6A-West conference tournament.

Alecia Gray^Rogers Heritage^Jr.^165

Finished fifth in the state tournament with a 19-8 record and avenged a loss in the 6A-West conference tournament.

Kelseigh Archer^Van Buren^Sr.^185

Finished sixth in the state tournament with a 16-8 record and claimed the 6A-West conference title.

Jezakia Murray^Springdale^Sr.^235

Finished sixth in the state tournament with a 10-3 record and claimed the 6A-West conference title.

All-State Wrestling


Class 4A-1A

Jacob Solomon^Shiloh Christian

Dominic Alvarado^Berryville

Reyna Rogers^Arkadelphia

Caleb Record^Berryville

Colin Hornaday^Maumelle Charter

John Linndstrand^Pulaski Robinson

Riley Holman^Pulaski Academy

Dominic Henry^Berryville

Noah Bowerman^Shiloh Christian

Dusty Reasons^Glen Rose

Lee Roberts^Gentry

Brady McCall^Pulaski Robinson

Josh Cady^Pulaski Academy

Brayden Phillips^Glen Rose

Preston Smith^Pulaski Robinson

Rodney Phillips^Glen Rose

Drew Johnston^Pulaski Academy

Roland Priuden^Batesville Southside

R.T. Noel^Pulaski Robinson

Ross Womack^Arkadelphia

Futa Shinkawa^Pulaski Academy

Brett Parsons^Berryville

Zachary Lutz^Valley View

Carter Bierbaum^Pulaski Academy

Gavin Goddard^Shiloh Christian

J.P. Cady^Pulaski Academy

Carlos Esocbar^Berryville

Lucas Hankins^Shiloh Christian

Dylan Allison^Pulaski Academy

Ian Biurton^Central Arkansas Christian

Matthew Hugg^Pulaski Academy

Landon Kuhn^Arkadelphia

Derrick Alexander^Pulaski Academy

Rickey Rogers^Arkadelphia

Dane Warburton^Pulaski Academy

Jacob Dunn^Batesville Southside

Alex Cooper^Batesville Southside

Garrett Chavers^Bauxite

Josiah Johnson^Pulaski Academy

Colton Record^Berryville

Cole Littrell^Valley View

Tyreeke Dawson^Bauxite

Class 5A

Ben James^Little Rock Christian

Trevion Traylor^Russellville

Damaceo Whittier^Searcy

Aiden Richey^Mountain Home

Nick Light^Searcy

Tyler Crossno^Greenwood

Stephen Brown^Russellville

Thoams Garner^Little Rock Christian

Eduardo Mancilla^Searcy

Matthew Travis^Russellville

Austin O’Neal^Lake Hamilton

Joseph Delk^Searcy

Carlos Gibson^Russellville

Landry Beeching^Sylvan Hills

Sam Johnson^Greenwood

Payton Free^Beebe

Trevor Williams^Jonesboro

Jason Arnold^Greenwood

Brayden Howard^Greenbrier

Reuben Eye^Hot Springs Lakeside

Justin Crutchmer^Lake Hamilton

Brian Gittens^Little Rock Christian

Colton Tuck^Greenwood

Dregan Smith^Maumelle

Aidan Fitzpatrick^Searcy

Jakob Beene^Maumelle

Cody Price^Russellville

Clay Queen^Beebe

C.J. Yocham^Searcy

Ty Moose^Greenwood

Garrett Haralson^Greenwood

Ethan Bittle^Little Rock Christian

Caleb Winston^Greenbrier

Keaton Wasson^Hot Springs Lakeside

Landon Valdez^Searcy

Braxton Beech^Russellville

Drew Yonkers^Mountain Home

Hayden Allen^Greenwood

Cody Lemaster^Greenbrier

Justin Shaw^Searcy

Wyatt Wolf^Lake Hamilton

Antonio Martinez^Greenwood

Class 6A

Tristan Stafford^Bentonville

Zayne Lewis^Springdale

Murphy Hannan^North Little Rock

Charles Easterling^Bentonville West

Zander Payne^Bentonville

Ian Branch^Fayetteville

Quinn Graves^Bentonville

Tyler Holmes^Bentonville West

Caden Wilson^Cabot

Walker Fox^Bentonville

Lane Parrish^Springdale Har-Ber

Peter Henry^Springdale

Jake Adams^Bentonville

Zack Ireland^Bentonville West

Josh Reynoso^Rogers

Jackson Smith^Little Rock Catholic

Raphael Maracsio^Bentonville

Dylan Skinner^Cabot

Brody Raines^Bentonville

Daryl Easterling^Bentonville West

Bradley McDaniel^Little Rock Central

Brady Stafford^Bentonville West

Giovanni Caviasca^Springdale Har-Ber

Obi Smith^Bentonville

Mikale Nelston^Cabot

Gabe Holley^Bentonville

Terri Wise^Springdale

Jacob Long^Cabot

Vincent Bryant^Little Rock Central

Connor Kneeshaw^Bentonville

Kenneth Roset^Little Rock Catholic

Devin Swearingen^Van Buren

Kyle Murphy^Cabot

Charlie March^Rogers Heritage

Robbie Woody^Fayetteville

Devin Potter^Fort Smith Northside

Jermain Taylor^Little Rock Central

Jose Ruiz^Rogers

Josh Beesley^Bentonville West

R.J. Riley^Van Buren

Joseph Williams^Fort Smith Southside

Tyson Wimbley^Bentonville


Violet Summers^Van Buren

Abigail Crawford^Conway

Daijah Cowan^J.A. Fair

Ember Smith^Maumelle

Ashlin Jones^Bentonville

Abigail Fimbres^Fayetteville

Maty Lincoln^Searcy

Kassidy Haggard^Bentonville West

Jillian Rooney^Bentonville

Casey Kanaday^Little Rock Central

Hannah Burton^Central Arkansas Christian

Emily Monk^Springdale

Suravieve Robertson^Beebe

April Stanley^Fayetteville

Lily Dias^Searcy

Addison Loney^Van Buren

Trinity Willett^Mountain Home

MyKenzie Clark^Searcy

Trinity Danberry^Searcy

Victoria Bevel^Mountain Home

Zaria Raglin^Little Rock Central

Journey Land^J.A. Fair

Kuyndall Bankston^Little Rock Central

Starlynn Queen^Beebe

Crystal Allen^J.A. Fair

Harley Seymore^Searcy

Amelia Frounfelter^Mountain Home

Victoria Harris^Dove^J.A. Fair

Ivana Elliot^Sylvan Hills

Janell Collins^Little Rock Central

Sports on 03/24/2020

Print Headline: Stafford, Loney blazing trails in state

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