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100 years ago

March 22, 1920

• Mrs. Wesley Ross, the woman who, on February 21, killed her husband at their home on the Nineteenth Street Pike with an ax, is still confined in a cell at the county jail, awaiting the action of the Grand Jury. Mrs. Ross has been in the jail since the day of the murder. When seen by a Gazette reporter, Mrs. Ross was again in a talkative mood and was pleased at having company. She said that she becomes very lonesome at times, and a house cat that walked into her cell several days ago is about all the company she has. The cat was cuddled up on Mrs. Ross' bed and evidently was content with its surroundings. "Yes, I feed the cat whenever I eat and I think it likes me," said Mrs. Ross, "and I like her, too," she added.

50 years ago

March 22, 1970

• For the second consecutive Saturday, striking Little Rock Waterworks employees and their supporters marched to City Hall from MacArthur Park and held a rally around speakers who said the marches would continue until the strike is settled. A light rain fell throughout the two-hour march and rally but the marchers joked and laughed as they walked in the cold, wet weather. At noon, the temperature was 36 degrees.

25 years ago

March 22, 1995

• Little Rock and state agencies and a private firm were working Tuesday night to contain a chemical spill in the Arkansas River that appeared to pose no threat to humans or wildlife. Terry Gray, a hazard mitigation officer with the state Office of Emergency Services, said Tuesday night that he learned through state Department of Pollution Control and Ecology officials that the spill apparently occurred about 10 or 11 a.m. at Stebbins and Roberts Inc., a paint company at 1500 E. 6th St. in Little Rock.

10 years ago

March 22, 2010

• Many college students spend spring break lounging at home or partying on the beach, but about 550 students from across the county came to Little Rock this week for an "alternative spring break" instead. The 2010 IMPACT National Student Conference on Service, Advocacy and Social Action ended Sunday at the Statehouse Convention Center in downtown Little Rock. The conference, hosted by the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and the UA Clinton School of Public Service, bills itself as the largest annual gathering of college students active in community service and civic engagement.

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