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• Kevin Wise, 26, cited for criminally damaging property, said he followed through on a promise he made to his social media followers by diving into the indoor aquarium at a Bass Pro Shop in Bossier City, La., and then running from the store soaking wet.

• Brian Morris of Franklin, Ohio, said he spent part of Sunday cleaning a marker honoring Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee displayed on private property at a Fraternal Order of the Eagles chapter after vandals covered it with spray paint.

• Mark Chambers resigned as mayor of Carbon Hill, Ala., after making disparaging comments on social media, including "The Tide is done in my opinion," after the University of Alabama football team and Coach Nick Saban voiced their support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

• Liz Hall, a native of Knoxville, Tenn., who worked as a back-country national park ranger in Alaska before serving in the emergency services office at Yellowstone National Park, has been named the new emergency manager for Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

• Douglas Dale, 49, of Nixa, Mo., accused of skipping his medication and drinking a cocktail before he had a seizure while driving and hit a group of motorcyclists, killing one rider and injuring two others, was charged with involuntary manslaughter, police said.

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• Dwayne Tullous, 57, of Cordova, Tenn., who pleaded guilty to selling black tar heroin laced with fentanyl to a Lakeland man who died of an overdose in 2018, was sentenced to 20 years in prison, federal prosecutors said.

• Melissa Kuper of Benbrook, Texas, faces fraud and other counts after being accused of burning down her $1.6 million mansion while, authorities said, trying to destroy documents from her husband's medical clinic in connection with a health care fraud probe.

• Ray Dixon, 42, a pharmacist from Baxley, Ga., who pleaded guilty to writing fake prescriptions to illegally distribute opioids and billing insurers more than $1.8 million, was sentenced to four years in prison, federal prosecutors said.

• Quinton Lucas, the Black mayor of Kansas City, Mo., tweeted "let's do better" after he shared screenshots of phone texts he received that used a racist slur and said he should "swing from a tree" for making medical masks mandatory in the city through at least July 12.

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