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June 18

Julio Cesar Anzora-Flores, 28, Springdale, and Wendy Garcia, 31, Centerton

Dalton Dakotah Baker, 22, Tulsa, Okla., and Sarah Judith Hughes, 22, Albuquerque, N.M.

Rodney David Chatman, 43, Lowell, and Heather Noelle Trammell, 33, Gravette

Martin Garcia-Martinez, 38, Lowell, and Linda Perez-Rodriguez, 34, Rogers

Mounica Koduri, 28, and Satya Surya Siva Rama Krishna Reddy, 32, both of Bentonville

Tyler Louis Kupersmith, 26, and Clair Elizabeth Gryder, 23, both of Siloam Springs

Joshua Michael Langham, 29, and Kelly Colleen O'Toole, 34, both of Centerton

William Louis Ray, 27, and Madeline Frances Sherrod, 27, both of Fayetteville

MacKenzie Kyle Threet, 26, Fayetteville, and Corinne Camille Lawyer, 27, Rogers

June 19

Omar Burgos-Lopez, 38, and Shirley Sue Guyton, 56, both of Bentonville

Jose Omar Castaneda, 26, Gentry, and Aracely Mendoza Mojica, 25, Siloam Springs

Justin Tomlin Graham, 20, and Maria Renee Campbell, 23, both of Gravette

Nathan Charles Hines, 29, Tulsa, Okla., and Mary Elizabeth Young, 28, Bella Vista

Roberto Adonay Pineda-Castillo, 23, and Wandalis Pardo-Orta, 24, both of Rogers

Erik Jackson Price, 30, and Kaitlynn Ashlie Pierson, 26, both of Springdale

Jacob Patrick Shepherd, 18, and Lilly Ann Callison, 18, both of Rogers

Leanda Michele Sipple, 31, and Michael Brendan Ricks, 42, both of Pea Ridge

Jesse Michael Stamps, 27, and Penny Marie Prine, 25, both of Centerton

James Schendel Teeters, 59, and Christina Laurie Knapp, 52, both of Bentonville

Alexandra Rose Santos Vega, 28, and Caleb Ryne Woodford, 34, both of Rogers

Oscar Villa-Jimenez, 30, and Ana Karen Gutierrez-Garcia, 24, both of Lowell

Cameron Todd Wolfe, 25, and Samantha Lanea Wolfe, 31, both of Gentry

June 22

Garrison Boyd Burgess, 24, and Rachel Elizabeth Humphrey, 22, both of Nashville, Tenn.

Jose Marino Rios, 34, Rogers, and Annel Ochoa, 45, Los Angeles

Derek Craig Rowell, 52, and Rebecca Melin Roller, 56, both of Bella Vista

Steven Luke Ballinger, 28, and Alexandra Michelle Somborn, 28, both of Rogers

June 23

Meet Prakashchandra Bhatt, 26, and Manasi Bhadreshkumar Patel, 25, both of Bentonville

Peyton Devin Combs, 25, and Paige Elizabeth McCullough, 26, both of Rogers

Santiago Duron, 21, and Adrienne Merlin Esparza, 21, both of Rogers

Randy Ray Evans, 31, Rogers, and Leona Grace Carter, 32, Hiwasse

Ederlee Alejandro Gomez, 25, and Ally Nicole Bryan, 28, both of Lowell

Luke William Hall, 26, and Madison Helene Dayer, 26, both of Rogers

Mauricio Olmos Mendez, 44, and Maritza Esperanza Zelaya Hernandez, 50, both of Rogers

Kevin Michael Moegling, 29, and Savannah Marcie Bayles, 21, both of Bentonville

Jimmy Dwayne Requa, 32, and Cynthia Maribel Cortez, 32, both of Rogers

Jackie Leroy Stone Jr., 57, Springdale, and Rhonda Chasteen Elkins, 57, Rogers

Zachary Ethan Vanderpool, 23, Bentonville, and Amanda Paige Homer, 22, Gravette

Joshua Austin Winter, 23, and Jessica Brooke Mains, 22, both of Siloam Springs

June 24

Charles Patrick Etenburn, 77, Verona, Mo., and Georgenia Lee Harris, 64, Siloam Springs

Juan Antonio Pina Soto, 26, and Reynalda Lynn Salinas, 21, both of Siloam Springs

Kyler Lane Pinkley, 29, and Brittany Nichole Goff, 25, both of Rogers

Jarrett Wayne Prince, 26, and Casey Lyn Baldwin, 24, both of Alpharetta, Ga.

Nathanial Isaac Vogel, 26, Lowell, and Ashly Ivana Aguilar Calderon, 22, Rogers

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