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Real estate transactions

by Amy Buckholtz | June 21, 2020 at 1:57 a.m.

Republic Spanish Rock, LP to MACP Spanish Rock, LLC, Ls3R, 12-19 & 25-30, Markham Mesa, $13,000,000.

McCain Plaza, LLC to GR & TA Investments, LLC, 4300 E. McCain Blvd., North Little Rock, L1 B4, Springhill Development, $4,021,000.

Lot 8 Executive, LLC to RDG Exchange Holdings, LLC, 5 Executive Center Court, Little Rock, L8, Westrock Office Replat, $2,400,000.

Margaret R. and Louis T. Nalley Jr., and the Nalley Living Trust to ZCZ Realty, LLC, Tracts F, J, K & L, Batman's Cherry & Cox Unrecorded Replat, $850,000.

Frank G. and Clarice R. Morgan to Bobby Portis Jr., 83 Hallen Court, Little Rock, L72 B96, Chenal Valley, $830,000.

Willmark Homes, Inc. to Robert E. and Misty D. Knighten, 32 Falstone Drive, Little Rock, L12 B135, Chenal Valley, $699,500.

Barry and Mary K. Ledbetter to Lee R. and Ailene J. Morisy, L57 B83, Chenal Valley, $681,500.

Dirk T. Haselow to Leslye Blaine and Ray Shellam, 108 Winthrop Trail, Little Rock, L14 B15, Woodlands Edge, $631,800.

MJ Innovative Builders Corp. to Asif Valani, 112 Wellington Plantation Lane, Little Rock, L63 B15, The Villages Of Wellington, $605,000.

Michael E. Vick Jr., to 3200 Myers Street Partners, LLC, 3009 S. Elm St., Little Rock, Ls1-6 B6 & Ls5-6 B5, Dickinson Mill, $600,000.

Thomas J. Pangburn to Viki Zabala, 127 Osage Drive, Maumelle, L51, Osage Falls, $598,900.

Sara Smallwood and Carol Evans to John Adair and Meghan Matthews, 508 N. Pine St., Little Rock, Ls7-8 B2, Pulaski Heights, $487,000.

Nancy F. Rector to Devon and Amber Norris, 21 Hearthside Drive, Little Rock, L46, Overlook Park, $465,000.

Virgial Samuel and Susan Marie Fioro and The Fiori Joint Revocable Trust to John and Christy Moss, L7, Candlewood Section 1, $412,000.

Midsouth Property Management, LLC to Benjamin Aaron and Jennifer Myka Tabor, 16 Belles Fleurs Circle, Little Rock, L39, Belles Fleurs, $406,400.

Olivia Carpenter and The Estate Of Barbara Jean Carpenter(dec'd) to Esch Family Limited Partnership, Plot 7, Little Rock Air Force Base Main Gate Development Area, $400,000.

Robert Flynn Corwyn and The Robert Flynn Corwyn Living Trust to Victoria T. and Mark Preston Tackett II., 31 Overlook Drive, Little Rock, L108, Overlook Park, $368,000.

Anne Webb Rush/Anne S. Webb and Jess Logan Rush to Anna Celeste Gibson, 1615 N. Taylor St., Little Rock, L9 B29, Mountain Park, $357,000.

Superior Real Estate Solutions, LLC to Memphis CashFlow, GP, Ls6-8, Labette Manor, $346,000.

Victor Horne and Margaret Kesner to Rodney Kyle and Callie Hoyt Wilson, 17502 Jarrell Road, Bigelow, Ls4-5 & 8, Heather Ridge, $345,000.

Michelle S. Wilson to Roger Womack and Jennifer Louise Mangham, 37 Saratoga Drive, Little Rock, L14, The Ranch, $344,900.

John Runkel and Tarah A. Gipson-Runkel to Bernice and Richmond Osei-Danquah, 15 Chatel Drive, Little Rock, L15 B24, Chenal Valley- Aberdeen, $342,000.

David and Melissa O'Neal to Brittney Ann and Daniel Wayne Edwards, 34 Duquesne Drive, Little Rock, L129 B48, Chenal Valley, $337,500.

Mechanics Lumber Company to J-Town Properties, LLC, L66R, The Ranch, $333,000.

Pablo X. and Natalie R. Valarezo to Swapna Manyam and Uhamameheswararao Kadiyala, 124 Holland Lane, Little Rock, L30, Madison Valley, $325,000.

Karen A. Webber to Meredith Kathleen VonDohlen, 2300 N. McKinley St., Little Rock, L61, Westover Hills, $310,000.

Larry F. and Carol A. Mitchell to Benjamin T. and Ashley L. Rollins, 50 Bishop Place, Little Rock, L21, Bishop Place, $294,000.

Cynthia Latania and Roosevelt Shavers Jr., to William Spikes, 315 Country Club Pkwy., Maumelle, L1062, The Country Club Of Arkansas Phase XII, $293,500.

Gary R. and Lisa R. Dickens to Jerry L. and Pernecia A. Harris and The Harris Living Trust, 9548 Oak Forest Lane, Sherwood, L45, Millers Glen Phase 3, $291,450.

Jonathan Daniel and Karen G. Bucher to Andrew and Amber Jackson, 8624 Trail Creek Drive, Sherwood, L38 B4, Creekside, $288,900.

Seyed Amir Ghetmiri and Somayeh Naderijelodar to Desiree Nichole Peoples, 17 Piper Lane, Little Rock, L26, Piper Lane, $287,900.

John Wright Construction Co, Inc. to Tennille Ayers, 1511 Milligan Drive, Maumelle, L1718, The Country Club Of Arkansas PRD Phase XXIV-A, $287,500.

Waterview Estates Phase III, LLC to Jill Compardo, L54R B1, Waterview Estates Phase III, $280,000.

Steven A. and Susan Marshall to Stasha Brewer, 1908 Oakbrook Drive, Sherwood, L123, Miller's Crossing Phase 3, $279,900.

Ardoin Properties, LLC to Steven Andrew Iser, 1129 Tahoe Drive, Maumelle, L31A B27, Maumelle Valley Estates Phase XVIII, $276,000.

Bradley Jakel to Howard and Virginia Bailey, 7201 Amherst Drive, Little Rock, Pt NW NW 1-1N-13W, $271,000.

Ives Custom Homes, LLC to Braque Talley and Brittney Alicia Tate, 18900 Lochridge Drive, Little Rock, L149R, Lochridge Estates, $270,800.

Natalie Diane Hairston and The KG Legacy Trust to Jaden Beth and Samuel Christian Dunkum, 16 Basswood Terrace, Maumelle, L24 B1, Ridgeview Phase I, $269,000.

Laquita and Dell L. Edwards Jr., to Michael James Beedham and Elizabeth Dawn Drinkwater, 52 Vista Drive, Little Rock, Ls126R & 127R, Spring Valley Manor Section F Replat, $268,000.

Robert Edward and Karen Ann Jackson to William C. Lewis, 3109 Seminole Trail, Sherwood, L10 B26, Overbrook, $264,900.

Rebecca and Tyler Thomason to Payton Power and Zachary Russell Trail, 4211 Wesley Drive, Little Rock, L41, Deer Park, $261,000.

Grant Properties, LLC to Grace Realty, LLC, L25 B13, Meadow Park; Lot A. Vivian's Replat- Prothro; L9 B6, Greenlea Section 2; L51 B5, Greenlea Section 3; L18, Park Place; L26 B4, Greenlea; L3 B7, Meadow Park, $260,000.

Callie A. Wilson/Callie A. Hoyt and Rodney Kyle Wilson to Benjamin David and Reilly Cline, 510 N. Martin St., Little Rock, L4 B1, Auten And Moss, $259,500.

Pamela Henline to Ty Bordenkircher, 2016 N. Garfield St., Little Rock, L4 B2, Altheimer, $255,000.

WMCC Properties, LLC to Gary Linn and Nora Jean Lambert, L23A, Mountain Terrace Estates Townhomes Phase II, $253,848.

Susan Alexis Rogers to Holt and Katherine Short, 17 Lyric Lane, Little Rock, L276, Leawood Heights 4th, $253,000.

Josh M. and Karen D. Winkelman to Anil and Lalita Mahajan, 1809 Sawgrass Drive, Little Rock, L81R, Pebble Beach Estates Phase I, $248,000.

Riveria Partners, LLC to Joseph D. and Vicki L. Calhoun, Unit 505, Riviera HPR, $245,000.

DDG Holdings, LLC to Live Edge, LLC, 1020 E. Sixth St., Little Rock, Ls7-8 B14, Rectortown, $245,000.

Holt and Katherine Short to Janine Rector and Mary-Kathryn Rector, L604, Kingwood Place, $242,000.

Jackson C. and Amie K. Alexander to Maria Christine Moutos, 3 Ohio Cove, Little Rock, L6, Powell, $240,000.

Bradley Thomas Boye, Deborah Thomas Boye and Lee A. Boye to John Cale, 209 N. Elm St., Little Rock, L22 B3, Riffel & Rhoton's Ridgeland, $235,000.

Dianne J. Hocut to Adam Guthrie and Karen Longstreth, 8411 Wolf Creek Court, Sherwood, L4, Valley Ridge Estates, $234,000.

Tyler A. and Genna M. Mitsuyasu to Kenya Green, 5800 Flight Court, Jacksonville, L47, Base Meadows Phase 1B, $227,000.

Loren P. Dyson to Travis Arthur and Amy Marie Marschner, 41 Oakbrooke Drive, Sherwood, L17 B10, Oakbrooke Phase VII, $223,800.

Jeffery W. and Shelly M. Gatling to Russell Gatling, 24 Twyla Lane, Little Rock, Pt NW NW 11-1N-14W, $220,000.

Audra Murphy to Justin Wade Morgan, 115 Bentley Circle, Little Rock, L89, Bentley Court Phase IV, $220,000.

Laurie Kadair and The Winover Trust to Anthony Merrill/Anthony Ralph Merrill, 14310 Westbury Drive, Little Rock, L6, Westbury Phase I, $220,000.

Billy D. Atherton to Mohammed Monzur Morshed and Zeeshan Habeeb, 11473 Southridge Drive, Little Rock, L45 B5, Walton Heights, $211,000.

Sax Homes, LLC to Joshua A. Pope, 214 N. Spruce St., Little Rock, L3 B5, Elmhurst, $210,620.

Lacy and Gary Logan Jr., to E'Shawn Jenkins, 14311 Pride Valley Drive, Little Rock, L27 B9, Parkway Place, $208,500.

Sybil M. Carroll and The Charles T. Carroll And Sybil M. Carroll Joint Revocable Trust to Joseph DeLoach and Kamlyn Andrews, 209 Auburn Drive, Little Rock, L47, Shannon Hills East, $206,000.

Dwayne and Crystal Maynard to Kelvy Wayne and Tara Elaine Moser, 14600 Ridgewood Drive, Little Rock, L2 B5, Sandpiper West, $205,000.

Patricia Ann Bird and The Bird Living Trust to Rosemary and Joseph Gatliff, 1512 Beresford Road, North Little Rock, L3 B3, Overbrook, $204,900.

Kristina E. Pilgreen to Kyle Gene Milam and Ashley Drake, 113 Summit Valley Circle, Maumelle, L23 B21, Maumelle Valley Estates, $204,700.

Lawrence M. and Camille A. Young to Patricia Ann Bird and The Bird Living Trust, 1 Post Oak Loop, Sherwood, L1 B10, Oakbrooke Phase VI, $199,900.

Paula D. Styers/Paula D. Coffield to Emilie Shatto, 42 Summit Ridge Drive, Little Rock, L19 B1, Summit Ridge, $199,900.

Wesley J. and Stacey E. Martin and The Martin Living Trust to George and Annie Mwaungulu Pro, 1805 Alberta Drive, Little Rock, L79, Sheraton Park Section C Replat, $199,000.

William and Marabeth Jaques to Corey Joe Allen and Racheal M. Clay, 119 Red Wing Road, Jacksonville, L208, Northlake Phase III-A, $198,000.

Chadwick Holsclaw/Dennis Chadwick Holsclaw and Mary Holsclaw to 2410 Pike Ave., LLC, L291, Cammack Woods, $195,000.

Jenkins Family Properties, LLC to Grace Realty, LLC, L2 B500, Rich Acres Replat; Pt Blk 253, Rich Acres- Mrs MA Miller's Plantation; L10R, G H Marhsall Replat; L2 Blk C, Richa Acres Replat; L28 B5, Delta Lawn, $195,000.

Garlan F. and Martha Elise Brandom to Faith Seigrist, 147 Ridgeland Drive, Maumelle, L129, North Ridge, $190,000.

Charles Aaron Nichols and Rosemary Hallmark to Ryan W. and Haley B. Taylor, 6202 H St., Little Rock, L8 B15, Pleasant Hill, $189,900.

Gerald T. and Sandra H. Hanson to Robbie Kay and John Clayton Ramoin, 3019 Charter Oak Drive, Little Rock, L92, Echo Valley 1st, $189,450.

Elisabeth N. Allen to Clayton and Brenda Ketzscher, 911 Coulter Road, Sherwood, L23 B319, Park Hill NLR, $184,900.

Sonja and Ervin B. Clark Jr., to Arnetta Y. Williams, 42 Westfield Court, Little Rock, L108, Westfield Phase II, $181,900.

REI Nation, LLC to Adam Shar, 7 Eagle Nest Court, Little Rock, L825, The Hills Phase II- Otter Creek Community, $180,000.

Anna O. Larry D. Clemmons to Josh Pyburn, 911 N. Shackleford Road, Little Rock, L199, Walnut Valley 2nd, $179,000.

Tommy L. Kerr to Gregg R. and Terry C. Greenway, L11 B5, Kimberly Manor, $176,900.

H. C. S., Inc. to Barbara Marley Miller-Milakov, 13905 Wimbledon Loop, Little Rock, L728, Otter Creek Community Phase IV-B-I, $175,000.

Meyer Rentals, LLC to East Argenta Land Holdings, LLC, L7 B43 & L2 B44, Original Town Of Argenta, $175,000.

Stevie D. Eskridge to Felicia Mayfield, 6 Club Court, Jacksonville, L316, Foxwood Phase VIII, $175,000.

Carmen and Daniel Meeker to Beau Jaye DeGruy, 1424 Westhampton Drive, Little Rock, L11, Westhampton, $173,500.

Michael D. Smith to Caress Bell and Terry Holman Jr., 2213 Airborn Drive, Jacksonville, L283, Base Meadows Phase IV, $171,500.

Devore Developments, LLC to Grace Realty, LLC, Pt Blk 164, Rich Acres; L32 B3, Greenlea; L4, Buffy's Power Line Drive Replat; L6, Rose Prothro; L52, Walter No.3, $170,000.

Alain B. Monkam and Olive K. Fai-Yendo to Stephen and Mary Abigail Curry, 1916 Stagecoach Village, Little Rock, L17, Arbors At Stagecoach Village Phase 2, $170,000.

Marjorie Florence Beckler to Homero and Ana Galicia, 18614 Mallard Cove, Little Rock, L267, Otter Creek Community Phase IIB, $169,000.

Brittney and Daniel Edwards to John and Ranee Holmes, 11 Honey Locust Court, Little Rock, L30 B8, Cedar Ridge, $167,500.

Bee Kind Properties, LLC to Colby and Hannah Benton, 4 Halfway St., Sherwood, L210, Indianhead Lake Estates Section B Replat No.2, $165,000.

C & S Nelson Rentals, LLC to Joshua A. and Breanna B. Walker, 74 Garden Oaks Drive, Maumelle, L4, Garden Oaks, $164,000.

Mortgage Equity Conversion Asset Trust 2011-1 to Richard and Kathleen McComber, L47 B59, Lakewood, $160,000.

Earl and Sherry McVay to Roberto Carrera and Alisa Phillips-Carrera, Pt NW NW 7-1N-14W, $160,000.

Barbara E. Rhodes and The Estate Of Vivian M. Hall to LaKendra Miller, 2413 Fairway Ave., North Little Rock, L5 B60, Lakewood, $160,000.

Larry R. Thomason to Jonathan Viguerie, 2622 Grist Mill Road, Little Rock, L354, Ludington Heights, $160,000.

Steven and Kelsey Ford to Glenda and J. C. Thomas Jr., 1113 E. Maryland Ave., Sherwood, Pt SW SE 31-3N-11W, $158,900.

Suzanne and Travis L. Young Sr., to Ron and Brenda Willett, 4806 Lochridge Road, North Little Rock, L2 B210, Park Hill NLR, $158,500.

John E. and Susan F. Newton to Nicole Gillum and William Ogles, 7521 Gable Drive, Little Rock, Ls10-11 B3, Sunset Heights, $156,000.

Rausch Coleman Mid-Ark, LLC to Jacob Ross McCray, 6717 Red Bud Court, North Little Rock, L625, Trammel Estates Phase VI-B, $155,440.

Trey Norwood to Mitzi Marie Griffin, 112 Markhaven Drive, Sherwood, L24 B4, Autumnbrook Annex, $154,500.

Megan N. Copeland, Megan N. Russell, Casey Copeland, Melissa A. Robbins and Sierra Lynn Robbins to Christian Ewell, 11009 Tipton Road, Sherwood, L16 B4, Bear Paw Phase I, $153,500.

Bonnie S. Jenkins to Janie Kehler, 4120 B St., Little Rock, L19 B2, Pinehurst, $153,000.

Larry D. Gilliam to Michael and Jenifer Roberts, 10003 Sibley Hole Road, Mabelvale, Pt E/2 NE SW & Pt NW SE 3-1S-13W, $152,000.

Ray Dean Walker, Barbara Anne Walker Shiell and Jerry Wayne Walker to Anthony O. Owens and Kristen N. Jones, 619 Edinburgh Court, Jacksonville, L353, Stonewall Phase IV-C, $152,000.

Rebecca J. Hulsey to Todd Anthony and Pam Burnett Kuhn, 6714 Kavanaugh Place, Little Rock, L2, Casey, $150,000.

Amanda Nimmo/Amanda Griffin to Jacob Alan and Ryen Tabor, 8 Red Oak Place, Maumelle, L12, Rolling Oaks Phase III, $150,000.


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