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Nobody feels 'normal' until enemy is repelled

I hear people are breaking down from the virus, want to be living normal again, and are therefore not wearing masks or social distancing. They want life to be normal again. But we are at war! The virus is the enemy and we are being invaded by the enemy on our homeland, inside our sovereign borders.

Now, what if this invasion were a foreign country with its troops in your neighborhood with bombs, tanks, and guns? Would you go running out there unprotected to get shot or mowed down just for the chance to feel normal?

Normal happens when the enemy is gone, no longer roaming around unseen or unheard in our public places. Until then we fight this coronavirus enemy by using protection.

Marianne Beasley


Time to show Trump exit from White House

In the months leading to the 2016 election, I often traveled alone across north Arkansas from Fayetteville to my hometown of Batesville to visit my aging and ailing parents. I didn't dare display a "Hillary for President" sticker on my car out of fear that if I had car trouble, I might be in danger. The chill up my back as I traveled those north Arkansas roads was brought on by the increasing combined display of Confederate flags and Trump signs at homes and businesses from Alpena to Harrison to Mountain View. It wasn't the Trump signs that disturbed me as much as their combination alongside Confederate flags.

Certainly within the last four years since Trump's election, the message from our president to those who revere the Confederate era has been heard loud and clear by those who need/seek justification for continuing the hate that the Confederate flag represents. Our president says he is "OK" with displaying the Confederate flag, that it is a form of free speech. I ask whose free speech is he encouraging? The free speech of those who think treasonous acts are laudatory? The free speech of those who wish we could go back to the era of slavery? The free speech of those who advocate white supremacy? The free speech of those who defy the rights of black and brown people in our society? The free speech of those who want to keep their knee on the necks of those they feel are beneath them?

The answer to all of these questions is a resounding yes! Racist tendencies that permeate our society have found a home in Donald Trump. From the moment he descended the golden escalator in Trump Tower to announce his candidacy, he has spewed hate, lies and divisiveness, pitting American against American. And his henchman, Attorney General Bill Barr, is actively doing Trump's dirty work, obsessed with inflaming the public through disinformation about protests in American cities. Case in point, Barr's recent lie about the federal agents making 200 arrests within two weeks of moving into Kansas City. The truth is federal agents charged only one person in the last two weeks, with the other 199 arrests being made largely by local/state officials with some assistance from federal agents dating back to December 2019. The presence of the federal agents had nothing to do with the George Floyd or Black Lives Matter protests, as Trump and AG Barr would have you believe. In fact, the federal agents were invited by Kansas City to help with some totally unrelated law enforcement issues.

Federal agents in American cities has been decried by many Republicans and Democrats alike. Even U.S. Sen. Rand Paul has broken with Trump over deployment of agents to Portland and other cities, stating that our freedoms are being sacrificed.

It is time for us to wake up! Don't let Donald Trump get use our freedoms as a backdrop for his reality TV nightmare. Show him the door in November.

Mary Storey


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