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Who did all these horrible things?

Who were the white nationalists?

The recent article on "How White Protestant Nationalism Controlled a State," soon to be published by the University of Arkansas Press, provides an excellent example of how public education can be used to mislead and indoctrinate children from a young age using "slanted histories." It can be very effective as it is well known that what is learned in the cradle is carried to the grave. What is even more interesting is identifying who these people spreading false gospels actually were and still are.

The answer is easy to find in our history. One need only ask who opposed the abolition of slavery? Who started the Civil War, seceding from the United States to preserve the institution of slavery? Who opposed Reconstruction and created the KKK to enforce their opposition to it? Who opposed the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments? Who filibustered the Civil Rights Act of the early 1960s? Who caused the Montgomery bus boycott and who opposed the desegregation of Little Rock's high school in 1957?

Who created a new political party and forced the relocation of 60,000 Native Americans with the Indian Removal Act in 1830? Who rounded up and locked up West Coast Japanese American citizens during World War II? Who is promoting unrest, racism and dividing our country today?

It is the same people going all the way back to the beginning of their political movement. History and current events are clear. It was and still is Democrats and the Democrat Party.

Jeff Cook


Editorial pages in need of more balance

I write to take exception to your Letter from the Editors titled "Balancing act" (published July 18). The editors state they have a good mix of liberal and conservative columnists writing articles. I contend that it may have been true at one time but not any more. When I started taking this paper you regularly had articles from writers like Thomas Sowell, Charles Krauthammer and Bill O'Reilly. I realize that Sowell and Krauthammer are no longer with us, but surely there are columnists that can live up to their standard. You have liberal writers such as John Brummett. How can you really take a person seriously who doesn't understand the electoral college and why it is important to the middle of the country? Paul Krugman is another regular writer who is way on the left side, but he really has no choice. He does write for the New York Times. Many more local columnists who represent the left. You offer no conservative writers. The editors describe them as not left. I agree they are not conservative. I enjoy Mike Masterson's column but he is not a conservative writer. Bradley Gitz is probably the closest to a conservative writer that you offer. I can't really tell where he is coming from. Perhaps he is a real conservative who is subservient to the liberal academic pressure one has when one is a professor. As for the rest of the named writers I can only remember reading Bret Stephens regularly and he is anything but a conservative.

I do get the Fayetteville version of the paper and I realize that it is extremely liberal but surely there are enough people reading this version of the paper who would actually enjoy a little better "balancing act."

Ron Detring


Lewis, BLM movement help steel commitment

As an older white woman, it is "above my pay grade" to be the one to offer praise for Rep. John Lewis, a pillar of decency, whose recent death has left a huge vacancy in Congress and in the essence of fairness and decency in America.

Thanks to this great man and Black Lives Matter, I am finally paying attention to the overwhelming evidence of racial exclusion in our social network and prejudice in the judicial system, and I am committed to do what I can to start to act on his words and "get in the way" of racism when I see it.

Melodee Placial

Bella Vista

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