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  1. ETHER: Was -------- enough food for -------- people?

  2. CLODS: The mother will -------- her three children if they all catch ----------.

  3. BOWEL: He suffered a serious cut just ---------- his ----------.

  4. BINGE: He is -------- stubborn and will not ---------- his diet until next week.

  5. PARSE: The warrior always kept a -------- ---------- at the ready.

  6. SLUMP: There were piles of peaches and -------- of -------- in the bowl.

  7. CALKS: He ---------- enough ---------- in the rope to secure the boat.

  8. DEMOS: The ---------- built in the city were constructed using a variety of architectural ----------.

  9. ROWDY: The document describing the bride's ---------- was long and excessively ----------.


  1. There, three

  2. Scold, colds

  3. Below, elbow

  4. Being, begin

  5. Spare, spear

  6. Lumps, plums

  7. Lacks, slack

  8. Domes, modes

  9. Dowry, wordy

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