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“Western Sun”

Nell & Jim Band

Whippoorwill Arts

Nell Robinson and Jim Nunally have been melding genres their entire careers — bluegrass, folk, country, jazz, swing, alt-roots, folkabilly, you-name-it. But when it came time to put together “Western Sun,” their third album as the Nell & Jim Band, Robinson and Nunally wed their passion for songwriting and storytelling, using their vocabulary of way-back influences; a story told from the roots of roots music. Released May 29, “Western Sun” “showcases Robinson and Nunally’s, as well as Chris Wadsworth’s, innovative songwriting and their canny ability to paint a stunningly memorable portrait through their storytelling,” says Folk Alley.

“Western Sun” feels drenched in history, in both music and story. The band has emulsified in the bottom of the great melting pot — a roux of American music — in a way that only a group of musicians with years of experience can pull off; a perfect unit whose sum is always greater than its parts, and that’s what really makes this album shine. The songwriting and composition both serve the storytelling in a way that allows listeners to immerse themselves in the history that’s being depicted.

“The Sundog”

Golf Alpha Bravo

Treasured Recordings

Golf Alpha Bravo is the adopted moniker of Australian singer and guitarist Gab Winterfield (Jagwar Ma). He released his debut album “The Sundog” June 12 via his own Treasured Recordings label.

The album features 11-tracks filled with his is a unique brand of Surf Blues — a siren to a childhood of growing up on the coast of Sydney, Australia; an eternal loop of surf, skate, Frusciante and Hendrix… and the occasional Mario Kart tournament.

“The record moves between looking inward and outward, desire and respite,” notes Gab. “I wanted to make something warm that grooves, something that’s deep enough to sink into, and bouncy enough to bop to. An epic journey from the comfort of your lounge, or the soundtrack to a long summer drive.”

Stripped of any embellishment, Golf Alpha Bravo presents live as a power trio. Gab sings and plays guitar accompanied with bass and live drums. Clean reverb guitar tones, mid- and up-tempo grooves & melodic bass lines pull together to create a cool colored collage, reviving the essence of groove from our collective stone age.

“Chicago Waves”

Carlos Niño and

Miguel Atwood-Ferguson

International Anthem

Long-time collaborators (and lifelong Los Angelenos) Carlos Niño and Miguel Atwood-Ferguson announce “Chicago Waves,” an album of improvised performances, out digitally June 26 (physical release to follow in September). Niño, a multidimensional and catalytic producer, arranger, percussionist and DJ, alongside Atwood-Ferguson, a prolific arranger, composer, music director, producer and multi-instrumentalist in his own right, recorded “Chicago Waves” in 2018 at Chicago’s Co-Prosperity Sphere. It is their first album as a duo since their 2007 debut, “Fill the Heart Shaped Cup.”

At the conclusion of their 44-minute improvised set that night in 2018, Niño spontaneously dubbed the piece “Chicago Waves.” His proclamation gave the distinct impression that the previous days spent in South Shore (and the many commutes to-and-from, along Lake Shore Drive) had imprinted the deep blue vastness of early-Winter Lake Michigan into Niño and Atwood-Ferguson’s respective and collective consciousness, and thus, into the spirit of the luminous music they created that night at Co-Prosperity Sphere. It sparkles inside the collective breath of community in communal space, and has potential to provide the utmost nourishment.

“No Wilderness Deep Enough”

Steve Von Till

Neurot Recordings

Steve Von Till swan-dives into the darkness of modern life with a sonic document of rural psychedelia that transcends the physical world — toward a greater spiritual acceptance that connects naturalism, spiritualism and the corporeal form. As uncertainty abounds, Von Till’s forthcoming album, “No Wilderness Deep Enough,” and debut book “Harvestman: 23 Untitled Poems and Collected Lyrics” provide a voice of existential wisdom and experience to offer comfort and perspective in an era of uncharted territory.

The album’s six pieces of music shape a hallucinatory landscape of sound that plumbs the depths of the natural world’s mysteries and uncertainties — questions that have vexed humanity since the dawn of time asked anew amidst a backdrop that’s as haunting as it is holistic. It’s music to lose yourself in. The album arrives Aug. 7 alongside Von Till’s first published work of original poetry. The book is a collection of new poetry and lyrics from Von Till’s solo career over the past 20 years. It’s a work of rich text that showcases his deeply felt ruminations on the myriad beginnings and endings of life itself, offering another medium of which to experience his singular artistic perspective.

With no live music to list, this spot will be filled by news and reviews of new albums, both local and national. Send information about your new releases to Jocelyn Murphy at [email protected] .

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