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BELLA VISTA — At its regular monthly meeting July 13, the Joint Advisory Committee on Recreation talked about events scheduled for Property Owners Association amenities that would be opened to non-members.

With the recent increase in assessment fees, access to some amenities was restricted to members.

The golf courses, tennis center and restaurants aren’t restricted, along with the new mountain bike trails. But Bella Vista lakes and the gun range were closed to nonmembers. The board and the Rules and Regulations Committee developed a policy to allow some events at the “private” amenities.

According to Policy 3.04, the board and the joint advisory committees can approve an event to be open to nonmembers. The amended policy was approved at the June board meeting.

While discussing the policy, General Manager Tom Judson provided a list of 16 recurring events involving nonmembers at association facilities. Several of them are fundraisers for local charities, including the Cancer Challenge and the Bella Vista Animal Shelter.

Because the golf courses are open to the public, golf tournaments are open to nonmembers.

Members of the Recreation Committee looked at the list and voted on events one by one. Some of the events, such as the bazaar at Riordan Hall, make money for the association. Others, such as allowing the Police Department to use the gun range to qualify officers, are more of a public service.

The swim team probably could function with a member’s only policy, Recreation Director Joan Glubczynski said, but it would be less competitive. Paddleboard camp, which the board had already approved, enrolls nonmembers, but Glubczynski said that often those nonmembers are grandchildren visiting for the summer.

The committee approved all the recreation events that are scheduled for 2020.

Glubczynski also had some comments on the budget. She said her department is aware of some maintenance issues such as the mini-golf courses at Riordan and Metfield, but there are is no money to fix them.

The tennis courts at Branchwood are also in need of work, but members would rather have them open even if they have to deal with cracks. When money is available, those problems will be addressed.

Lynn Atkins may be reached by email at [email protected] .

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