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Tell Americans truth

I believe that everyone is wanting our schools to open back up in August as planned. I can't wait to watch my grandchildren as they participate in school events. What I don't understand is how this is going to happen safely.

Children apparently do not get covid-19 to the same extent that adults do, but there is not adequate data on whether they carry the virus and whether they can spread the virus to the adult teachers and staff at the schools, let alone to their family members at home. If the faculty and staff at our schools come down with the virus in large numbers, who will teach our children?

There has never been a time in my lifetime that America needs strong, bold and especially intelligent leadership. It is time for the heads of the CDC and FDA to make a stand and tell Americans the truth, and stand up to a president that only cares about his re-election.



School plan bad idea

I am appalled at Betsy DeVos and her demand for the whole country's public schools to reopen all five days per week for all students during the time when covid-19 cases are spiking. Schools already had plans to let parents choose between online or hybrid instruction, allowing students to come to school safely with fewer, socially distanced children. But now with her forced directive, it seems our nation's secretary of Education is removing that choice from parents and schools.

How is this going to help our kids learn, or our country's economy rebound, if it causes this virus to spread to all teachers, students and their families? The U.S. has failed to stem the tide of the virus because too many of our citizens have not taken masks and social distancing seriously. Now, with this new directive, families will be either forced to send their children into situations where social distancing is impossible, or to pull them out to homeschool them. Schools do not have the numbers of teachers nor the classrooms required to space children out a safe distance to keep the virus from spreading. By November's election our nation will be crippled, and Trump and Betsy DeVos will be voted out, but the damage to our schools, our country and our people will be devastating and too late to undo.

Let us stand together against Secretary DeVos before the damage is done.


Little Rock

State embarrassment

Tom "Send-in-the-Troops" Cotton has been silent about the recent revelation that Russia apparently has been paying bounties to the Taliban for killing U.S. troops in Afghanistan. This is a man who brags about his service record in Iraq and Afghanistan, but fails to express even the slightest concern that our soldiers may be dying there in exchange for Russian money.

We know why, don't we? He simply doesn't have the courage to stand up to Trump's love affair with Putin. It's obviously easy for Cotton to order a military attack on unarmed U.S. civilian protesters, but then find it impossible to berate the Russians for such heinous behavior. It's pretty clear that Mr. Tough Guy (on the outside) is quite weak on the inside. It's a trait he shares with his cult leader.

Tom Cotton is an embarrassment to the great state of Arkansas.


Little Rock

Protect school choice

Covid-19 is forcing many families to reconsider the way their students attend school. With brick-and-

mortar schools across the country closed in response to the pandemic, many turned to online classes. But not every online school experience is created equal. When done right, and with the proper tools, online learning is a solution that works.

I know because I attended online school from kindergarten to 12th grade. Just recently, I graduated as one of the valedictorians of Arkansas Virtual Academy.

Online school taught me so many valuable skills. I took challenging and thought-provoking classes, and learned how to navigate digital systems. Learning this and communicating with teachers online are skills that I'll continue to use in my college classes and in my future digital-first workplace.

With online school, I also learned how to manage my time and complete lessons and coursework on deadline. Time management is an essential skill that everyone needs in life. Fortunately, I gained it early and recognize just how important it is.

With online school, anything is possible. I continued my education without disruption, and my hard work allowed me to graduate at the top of my class. This is an alternative that not only worked for me but can also work for countless families across Arkansas.

That is why we must protect school choice. Every family deserves the right to choose the school that fits their needs. Let's give people the power to choose what works for them and be in control of their future.


Forrest City

With such authority

I am surprised to hear the president speak so forcefully about schools. For a man who I assume never attended a PTA meeting, a Scout or Sunday school outing, an appointment with the pediatrician or the dentist, or sent a child by any of his three wives to a public school, he is adamant about public education. And, I note, he is neither a virologist or epidemiologist.


Little Rock

Cover your nose too

If I can see your nostrils, you are wearing a fashion accessory, not a mask. What are you thinking?


Little Rock

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