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FARMINGTON -- The Planning Commission will consider its first request for a planned unit development zoning designation at its Monday meeting.

Bates & Associates engineering firm is submitting the rezoning request on behalf of Mark Marquess with Riverwood Homes. Marquess is asking to rezone 41 acres from R-1 to a planned unt zone.

The meeting will be at 6 p.m. at City Hall.

Marquess is proposing a subdivision called The Grove at Engle's Mill, which would be on land east of Folsom Elementary School, north of Twin Falls subdivision and going behind the city's sports complex.

Marquess approached the Planning Commission in December, asking to rezone about 120 acres from R-1 to R-3, which allows single-family homes on smaller lots. R-3 zones also allow zero lot lines.

Around 100 people attended the meeting, most with concerns about Marquess' request. After some discussion, public comment and a recommendation from the commission, Marquess agreed to withdraw his request and submit a new one to rezone the first two phases for the development from R-1 to a planned unit designation.

The City Council approved planned unit developments as a zoning designation in September. Planned unit developments allow a mixed use in a single plan. For this zone, the city and developer have an agreement on how the land will be used and once the agreement is finalized and approved by the Planning Commission and City Council, the plan cannot be changed.

The rezoning request Monday only includes the first two phases of The Grove at Engle's Mill.

According to the preliminary plat accompanying the rezoning request, Phase 1, which is east of Folsom, would have 77 lots in different sizes. The largest 13 lots will be behind houses on Countryside Drive and Briar Hill. They will be 70 feet by 130 feet.

Other lot sizes in Phase 1 would be smaller, with the smallest lots 60 feet by 120 feet. For Phase 1, a cemetery on the property would remain. A pond in the area will be regraded and enlarged to about 1.5 acres in size. The detention pond will be part of the development's drainage plan.

Phase 2 would be north of Twin Falls and the preliminary plat shows it would have 50 lots, with the largest lots adjacent to Twin Falls. Lots in Phase 2 are 70 feet by 135 feet, 80 feet by 124 feet and 70 feet by 130 feet.

The preliminary plat shows Grace Lane would be extended for access to both phases. The plat also shows a new street on the north side of Folsom Elementary from Grace Lane over to Angus Lane as another access to Phase 1 houses.

In December, Marquess said he wanted the subdivision to be a blend of large, medium and smaller-sized homes to create a community of young professionals, families with children and older people who want to downsize or move to live closer to grandchildren.

He also said The Grove would be similar to his Sloanbrooke development in Fayetteville on Broyles Street. That subdivision also has different size lots.

Concerns from residents in December included drainage issues, more traffic, parking on the streets, infrastructure, how it would affect property value and if the houses would turn into rental property.

Commissioners told Marquess rezoning the land to R-3, as he requested in December, didn't provide a guarantee Marquess would build what he was proposing.

The commission recommended Marquess submit a planned unit development so it would be assured he would follow through on his plans.

NW News on 01/26/2020

Print Headline: Commission to consider subdivision request

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