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Tools and Toys: Austere V Series Power and "DIY for Renters"

by Cary Jenkins | January 25, 2020 at 1:37 a.m. | Updated January 25, 2020 at 1:37 a.m.
"DIY For Renters: Don't Call the Landlord" and Austere V Series Power

Austere V Series Power

What's to love: A surge protector with a sleek aluminum housing designed for use with home entertainments systems.

What does it do: It is available with six or eight outlet that are spaced so that plugs of any size can fit. It features a power cable made with a braided Kevlar covering. The device uses what the company calls PureFiltration to provide sound and video quality by insulating the power signal and keeping out static and external disturbances. The surge protector is made with fire protection technology and over-current protection. USB ports allow for a rapid charge while protecting low voltage devices. Austere V Series Power sells for $179.99 for six outlets and $199.99 for eight outlets. Find out more at

"DIY for Renters"

What's to love: Step by step instructions for renters to make simple repairs or upgrades to their home.

What does it do: The book teaches basic home repair skills useful to renters or even new homeowners. Readers can learn how to fix drafty doors, improve security and fix basic plumbing problems. It also shows how renters can make basic (lease-friendly) upgrades like replacing a faucet with a more stylish version and includes tips on how to remove upgrades when the lease is up so security deposits are returned. The book sells for $19.99.

— Cary Jenkins

HomeStyle on 01/25/2020

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