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Investigation is over

Surprise! The Justice Department's investigation into Hillary Clinton's everything under the sun has finally concluded with a whimper and a big old nothing-burger. What once was a screaming front-page headline for years is now delegated to a quiet inside-page article that tells of her vindication.

Yet, the "Crooked Hillary" characterizations remain a prominent part of President Trump's repertoire at his rallies, as his cult followers continue to mindlessly chant "lock her up," sounding like a frenetic vigilante.

These cult members, the meat and potatoes of Trump's base, seem to have a Hillary chip implanted in their brains, and there it will probably remain, perhaps forever, along with a Barack Obama chip and some Joe and Hunter Biden fragments.


Eureka Springs

On extending grace

December's Voices Letter of the Month comes from William Spilman. Mr. Spilman informs us he is a graduate of a well-respected seminary. He also informs he is more defined by his theological beliefs than political beliefs. I believe these credentials and beliefs are provided as a basis for his defense of the Christianity Today editorial by its editor Mark Galli.

It's appropriate to recognize Christianity Today was founded by Billy Graham, probably the greatest evangelist ever. Mr. Graham advised many presidents of both political parties over the years regarding spiritual matters. Some of those presidents, it was later revealed, embraced and committed immoral acts. Some routinely slandered their former colleagues and opponents with profane and hateful remarks.

Mr. Graham's son and other evangelical leaders now advise our current president. However, in today's political environment, human weakness is used as a tactic in a political strategy to gain advantage. Mr. Spilman believes Franklin Graham and others are guilty of hypocrisy by associating themselves with a man of moral failures. I am reminded of the Jewish leaders who accused Jesus of violating God's law by associating, even dining, with known sinners. I'm certain both Mr. Spilman and Mr. Galli are not sinless. Might they be hypocritical?

Mr. Spilman seems vindicated in his opinion when he points out Mr. Trump admits his immorality and, Spilman says, is proud of it. That I'm not able to know.

Mr. Spilman is concerned Graham and other evangelicals will damage Christian thinking and witness. He believes evangelicals are giving Trump cheap grace. God's grace extended to us all at Calvary was provided for the immoral, the wicked and the evil in all of us. Is it cheap grace to model that to the powerful or even to the weak?


Little Rock

Representing us well

Mr. Franklin Furlough chastised our congressman for not representing his constituents (the ones protesting his support of our president). Well, I feel Congressman Hill continues to represent the views of the majority who voted for him very well!


Hot Springs Village

Protecting the unborn

Sanctity of Human Life Sunday is Jan. 19. We need to pause and consider how abortion devalues this precious gift of life. The taking of the life of an innocent human baby--abortion--is a crime against humanity. How can we or our government officials turn a blind eye to protecting the most vulnerable in our society, even condoning it?

We now know (even as we really did in 1973) that life begins at conception. My college and graduate classes in embryology showed that the "size" of the child (one day or 40 weeks) makes no difference. It doesn't instantly become a human being at "first viability" or when it "takes its first breath" or if the parents "decide to let it live after its birth." It is a distinct person with its own DNA from the moment it was conceived.

And we know that abortion is not "women's health care or rights"--that the baby is a totally separate life from its mother. We know abortion can hurt women both psychologically and physiologically. We know pain can be felt by the baby as early as eight weeks in utero, and there's a measurable heartbeat within two months.

But most importantly, abortion is a terrible sin against our creator God. God has given us a conscience to know right from wrong (culture doesn't give this). Deep down, though some would try to deny it, we know abortion is wrong. Abortion is perhaps the greatest moral sin of our generation.

We need to support those in a position to make a difference and who are definitely pro-life. C.S. Lewis said pain is God's "megaphone to rouse a deaf world." We should be shouting out against the pain and death of unborn babies. Do you hear them?



In The Twilight Zone

A friend of mine asked me if I quit writing letters to the editor because he has not seen any lately. I told him that besides having moved and dealing with some health issues, I really didn't know what to write.

It seems that we have crossed over into The Twilight Zone in this country. Nothing makes sense anymore. Up is down, right is wrong, lies and deceit are perfectly acceptable. So is maligning the character of and threatening respectable witnesses who have served our country honorably and testified during the House hearings. We have a president who thinks he can get away with anything because he has so far, thanks to his defenders in Congress and his base.

So instead or worrying and driving myself crazy, I decided to ignore it ... for a while, anyway!



If he cast a ballot ...

Would Jesus vote for Donald Trump?


Hot Springs Village

Editorial on 01/14/2020

Print Headline: Letters

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