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  1. If John's mom has three sons and two are named Job and Jeb. What is the third one named?

  2. Divide 6 by 1/2.

  3. Drop a 15 kg bag and a 5 kg bag from a height of 30 meters. Which will reach the ground first?

  4. What four-letter word can mean both speedy and fixed firmly in place?

  5. What one word can precede each of these words? fast, through, away, neck, down

  6. Make another four-letter word using all the letters in the word "each."

  7. If "I the W of an E" means "in the wink of an eye" what does "2 S of a L T" mean?

  8. What three letters can go before the words to form new words? sport, sword, sage, sable, time

  9. What five odd figures add up to 14?


  1. John

  2. 12

  3. They will land at the same time

  4. Fast

  5. Break

  6. Ache

  7. Two Shakes of a lamb's tail

  8. Pas

  9. 11+1+1+1 = 14

ActiveStyle on 01/13/2020

Print Headline: Super Quiz: Think about it

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