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Won't make it in door

In response to Joe Whalen's line where he laments, regarding Donald Trump, "There are times when I think that if he had lunch with Jesus, they would find something to criticize about it": Donald will never see the inside of that cafeteria!


Little Rock

Sitting in judgment

I've read the editorials and articles lately in the paper about the Uighurs being oppressed by the Chinese. China is not ignorant of American history. The editorialists and most others expounding on the matter seem to assume it is.

Early American genocide put in force against the Native Americans was touched on in our textbooks, but was not accurately reflected there. Sanitized versions of the deportation of Indians to the West were given about the "Trail of Tears." Note: It was not called the "Trail of Joy."

Indian children were taken from their parents and every imaginable means was employed to make little cookie-cutter "Christians" of them. Forbidden were their native tongues and manner of dress as well. Their native cultures were eradicated as far as was possible. What of the Salem Witch Trials?

Importing Chinese to build our Transcontinental Railroad, then having despicably used them, Congress passed the Chinese Exclusion Act. Japanese internment, when it was presumed that they all were traitors or potential traitors, women and children too. Deprived of their property and freedom without having broken any law to justify it. Government decrees--just as is being done in China.

Shall we consider the American abomination of slavery and the penumbras of it still so evident among us today?

The above is just a small sample of the stuff the Chinese could throw in the faces of Americans when and if we choose to sit in judgment of them for their present doings. This does not mean that I approve of that. I didn't approve of what our forefathers did either.

Hypocrisy run rampant! Look it up in your Funk and Wagnall's.



More sporting attire

Kudos to Coach Muss and the staff for choosing to wear Razorback-logo casual outfits while coaching the basketball games.

Granted, coats and ties are attractive on men, but they look out of place on a basketball court.

Just saying!


Little Rock

Editorial on 01/13/2020

Print Headline: Letters

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