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Benton County

Allure Salon LLC, Christy Sparks, 1000 S.W. Tater Black Road, Bentonville

Chai Tea Adda LLC, Ravi Naidu Dadi, 1080 S.E. 14th St., Bentonville

Patient Connect LLC, Ravi Naidu Dadi, 1080 S.E. 14th St., Bentonville

Sneaky Athletix LLC, Amir Waller, 1128 N. Watson Blvd., Bentonville

T-Money Investments LLC, Tessa Pack, 13796 Roland David Road, Pea Ridge

Compassion Broadcasting International, Thomas Sloan, 14685 Shipe Road, Gravette

NWA Garage Door Services LLC, Perry Chupp, 1608 S. Ninth St., Rogers

T Scott Elliott LLC, Thomas Scott Elliott, 2 Marina Drive, Bella Vista

Entegrity Solar Prairie Grove LLC, Michael Parker, 3301 N. Second St., Rogers

High Street Residential Development LLC, S. Cal Rose, 3333 S. Pinnacle Hills Parkway, Suite 510, Rogers

KIN LLC, Dylan Turk, 337 N.W. A St., Bentonville

Green Pasteurs Place LLC, James W. Smith, 5100 W. J.B. Hunt Drive, Rogers

Murugan LLC, Vish Palepu, 803 S.W. Krug Road, Suite 703, Bentonville

NWA Design Association Foundation, Kevin Nau, 8339 Crows Roost Place, Rogers

Allen Flores Consulting Group Inc., Josh Allen, 900 S.E. Fifth St., Suite 22, Bentonville

Cornell Claims & Appraisals LLC, Derrick Cornell, 900 S.E. Fifth St., Suite 22, Bentonville

Dog Town Property LLC, David Alan Riffe Jr., 900 S.E. Fifth St., Suite 22, Bentonville

Empire Cabinet Coatings LLC, Kevin Shane Lindley, 900 S.E. Fifth St., Suite 22, Bentonville

Grizzle Rental Properties LLC, Dakota Grizzle, 900 S.E. Fifth St., Suite 22, Bentonville

Happy Consultants LLC, Stephanie Brown, 900 S.E. Fifth St., Suite 22, Bentonville

Hatch Guide Service LLC, Timothy James Schut, 900 S.E. Fifth St., Suite 22, Bentonville

Monster Activity Center LLC, Rachel Lisa LaRey, 900 S.E. Fifth St., Suite 22, Bentonville

Plethora Fungi LLC, Evan Nichols, 900 S.E. Fifth St., Suite 22, Bentonville

Mystic LLC, W. Asa Hutchinson III, 912 W. Central Ave., Bentonville

Carroll County

Thinking Of You LLC, Tyler Allen Squires, 105 S. Springfield St., Berryville

The Insul8R Store LLC, Tina Harms, 410 Nelson Drive, Berryville

Red Oak Homes LLC, Bob Ballinger, 508 Dr. Spurlin Circle, Berryville

Washington County

Carithers Johnson Devenport PLLC, Colin M. Johnson, 111 W. Emma Ave., Springdale

Least Ecommerce LLC, Logan Nielsen, 1137 N. Hillcrest Ave., Fayetteville

Campfire Cabins LLC, Kobe Ticon Storay, 19083 Shoreline Way, Fayetteville

Finca Morpho LLC, Kobe Ticon Storay, 19083 Shoreline Way, Fayetteville

Crystal Pitts PLLC, Crystal Pitts, 1939 N. Wheeler Ave., Fayetteville

Birchwood Stables LLC, Jennifer Christine Devinney, 2254 Wildcat Creek Blvd., Springdale

Croma-Fab LLC, Jonathan Barrett Cromer, 2424 E. Elaine Ave., Fayetteville

Thoughtful Ideas LLC, Gregory Dobyns Breen, 2683 E. Petunia Court, Fayetteville

Prime Painting Solutions LLC, Hector Manuel Barron, 2900 Denver Ave., Springdale

Smith's Ghost Fund LLC, Kenneth Hall, 310 W. Emma Ave., Springdale

Precision Restoration Services Inc., Matthew Johnston, 3246 S. School Ave., Fayetteville

Reconnecting Our Seniors Everywhere, Jennifer Joe Ames, 327 Hidden Creek Place, West Fork

Park Street Opportunity LLC, Don Harris, 3409 E. Fredericksburg Circle, Fayetteville

Heck Designworks LLC, Paul Brandon Heck, 3417 Waterstone Drive, Fayetteville

Shanti Yoga With Jess LLC, Jessica Lynn Van, 3696 W. Clearwood Drive, Fayetteville

KH Real Estate Holdings LLC, Katie Hampton, 3739 N. Steele Blvd., Suite 322, Fayetteville

Jobe Services LLC, Lance Cox, 3900 N. Front St., Fayetteville

JG4 OZ LLC, Scott M. Lar, 4100 Corporate Center Drive, Suite 310, Springdale

Hawgshots LLC, Travis Sizemore, 4250 Venetian Lane, Fayetteville

Satinda Ltd Co., Brandon Parker, 4250 Venetian Lane, Fayetteville

Fixx It RX LLC, Rick Miller, 4912 Trout Farm Road, Suite B, Springdale

Buffalo HVAC Partners LLC, Kenneth Bryan Griggs, 565 Gage Place, Suite F, Springdale

Bradley Real Estate Holdings LLC, Darrick Bradley, 605 W. Dickson St., Fayetteville

King & Sons Rentals Of NWA LLC, Darrin King, 622 W. Sycamore St., Fayetteville

Bauer Ventures LLC, Nicholas Bauer, 88 E. Dunbar Lane, Suite 123, Fayetteville.

SundayMonday Business on 01/05/2020

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