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Birth Announcements

February 23, 2020 at 3:27 a.m.

The following is a list of births reported to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette by area hospitals. It may not be a complete list since parents may ask the hospital not to publicly release the news of a birth.


Feb. 6

Jacob and Alexius Roe, Malvern, son.

Jonathan and Madison Sperry, North Little Rock, son.

Feb. 7

John Cleman Jr., and Amanda Gee, Little Rock, daughter.

Feb. 9

Alex and Kristlyn Halsdorf, Nashville, daughter.

Zafiro Pizarro and Cheryl Stone, Batesville, son.

Jason Smith and Alexis Haun, Nashville, daughter.

Feb. 10

Philip and Kaeya Reeves, Little Rock, daughter.

Jesse and Alison Hughes, Benton, daughter.

Feb. 11

Zachary and Jesse Sparks, Cabot, daughter.

Paul Palmore and Harlisha Goynes, Little Rock, son.

Michael and Abby Nolen, Little Rock, daughter.

Christopher and Brandi Johnson, Little Rock, daughter.

Feb. 12

Saquinn Lee and Anastasia Casey, Little Rock, daughter.

Charles Woolen Jr. and Kathrin Wooley, Little Rock, daughter.

Matthew and Jessica Stagg, North Little Rock, son.

Corey and Whitney Lucas, Greenbrier, daughter.

Jaylon Marshall and Yhima Jones, North Little Rock, daughter.

Herman Kimbrough and Jasmine Meadows, Little Rock, daughter.

Feb. 13

Ronnie Bethell and Rachael Brown, Little Rock, daughter.

Feb. 14

Tommy and Brenna Kelley, North Little Rock, son.

Jessica Henderson, North Little Rock, daughter.

Brodderick Norman and Carrie Days, Little Rock, son.

Feb. 15

Michael Almond and Kaitlyn Francis, Mountain Pine, son.

Tyler Vick and Samantha Hill, Nashville, twin daughters.

Christopher and Toyletha Tollette, Little Rock, son.

Charlton and Melanie Hill, Benton, son.

Feb. 16

Cameron and Sparkle Bryant, Little Rock, daughter.

Feb. 17

Harley and Krista Cotton, Star City, son.

Steven and Kailey Hudgens, Little Rock son.

Feb. 18

Marquice Smith and Keionta Rhocks, Little Rock, son.

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