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Thomas Quinn, a Bristol County, Mass., prosecutor, said a 40-year-old woman won't face any charges after she unwittingly drove the getaway car on her first date for a man she met online who asked to stop at a bank and returned to the car clutching a gun, hat, sunglasses and $1,000.

Meydi Guzman, 18, a high school student in Crystal Lake, Ill., who said she fled Honduras after being sexually assaulted by gang members, was released from an immigrant detention center when her school counselor, Sara Huser, posted a $2,000 bond as a judge considers her asylum request.

Adine Roode, founder of a South African elephant rehabilitation center, said an orphaned, 4-month-old albino elephant calf rescued after it became trapped in a poacher's wire snare now weighs 330 pounds and spends her time playing with caretakers.

Tristen Rushing, a former Baton Rouge high school student hospitalized with muscle and kidney issues when he was ordered to do 200 pushups because he was late for band practice in 2014, was awarded $183,302 by a state appeals court.

Clark Allums, a police sergeant in Dothan, Ala., said three high school students were hospitalized when they suffered nausea and chest pains after eating brownies laced with an unknown drug handed out by some of their classmates.

Jason Delacruz, a letter carrier unable to keep up with the volume of mail on his route in Virginia Beach,Va., will serve two weeks in jail for failing to deliver mail after a tipster spotted him unloading undelivered mail into a storage locker he rented for $49 a month, prosecutors said.

Rolanda Hollis, a Democrat who represents Birmingham in Alabama's Legislature, said she's fed up with her colleagues' attempts to outlaw abortion and filed legislation to require men to get vasectomies within a month of turning 50 or after the birth of their third child.

Lance Lee of DeKalb, Ill., pleaded guilty to felony leaving the scene of an accident after officers said his car hit and killed an 8-year-old girl as she crossed a street to board her school bus in Joplin, Mo.

Andrews Candela and other residents won their battle to reduce the number of peacocks roaming their Miami neighborhood when city commissioners voted to trap and relocate the noisy, garden-damaging birds, which have been traveling in groups of 20 or more.

A Section on 02/15/2020

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