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Dictatorship incompatible with principles of nation

Donald Trump's attorneys have argued that since any politician thinks he's the best person for the job, if he extorts a foreign government to implicate a political opponent of misconduct, it can't be a crime. By logical extension, if he has all his competitors imprisoned or assassinated, that can't be wrong either. After all, this is a common practice in many regimes around the world, and Trump did brag that if he shot somebody on Fifth Avenue people would still vote for him. The word for such behavior is dictator. Dictators and Democracy are mutually exclusive.

On Election Day, I suggest that we tell King Donald and all his henchmen in the Senate that this country has no further use for their services. I hope my vote will count for something. Apparently it didn't four years ago or the Electoral College wouldn't have given him the job.

I also wish to thank Mitt Romney for his courage and integrity when all his associates abandoned theirs. Perhaps there are some honest GOP politicians outside the history books.

Timothy Rodgers


Support for free press in any format is vital

First off, I am not an employee of the Democrat-Gazette. My only stake in it is as a reader. That said, it would be good for us readers to support the Democrat-Gazette as it is phasing out weekday print editions and distributing iPads for subscribers to use to read the paper. Yes, the price is going up for us. But please remember most subscription prices, especially in Northwest Arkansas, were so low due to the newspaper price wars of the last decade that no one could make ends meet on that much income, unless what they were printing was money itself. It's not that the future price is too much; it's we've gotten used to paying too little.

But the choice we face here is not between what we used to pay and what we're being asked to pay in the future. No, the choice is either having local journalism online or not having it at all. There is no hope in the future for the paper newspaper, because the advertisers have moved online, period. These days almost all local papers fold, or get sold, or both.

Now, lots of us make charitable contributions or volunteer our time or expertise to help out various worthy causes. We try to do what we can. One of the best things we can do for the common good is to support journalism. We and our kids and grandkids need a free press, what with everything going on in these uncertain times, and what with everything going on in our vibrant local communities. This is the time and place to act on what we value. And the price it takes to meet the cost of local journalism will still be far below its value. Don't let our paper fall prey to some huge faraway conglomerate that lays off all the reporters or flat out shuts it down. Now, we have a chance to save it from dying; if we let it die it will be gone forever.

We can be happy that we're fortunate in our area to have a publisher like Walter Hussman, who has the willingness to take a risk on this vision of a new model that might actually save local reporting. Sign up for the digital edition, pay a fair cost for it, help save it for your community and for your children, and be happy for the chance.

The whole nation is watching Arkansas closely. As Mr. Hussman said, "You know what's going to happen if it doesn't work? We're going to eventually go out of business."

Ralph Ellis


Commentary on 02/14/2020

Print Headline: NWA Letters to the Editor

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