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The nation's divided

The best editorial of 2020 made the point that because of separation of church and state, the USA is not fighting an internal war like so many are in other countries. To quote, "But besides a few demagogues and an infrequently seen disturbed person, we ain't at war."

Maybe we should dwell on that a bit. Aren't we the most divided we have been in about a century? Although we are not quite at war, there certainly are many who are threatening it. Any idea who the demagogue is that is leading that charge?

Politicizing religion and Citizens United political dark money are undoubtedly the two leading factors in moving America back toward the dark ages (internal war, to be specific).



Sanders is who he is

Regarding your editorial "Sneak peek at a never-never Sanders administration": What a hit job on Senator Sanders! Will you be doing the same for the other candidates? Obviously you don't like the senator, but why are you so afraid of him? Is it because the Republicans in the Senate have decided the executive branch is now above the law?

Do people run for office not believing they can win? Most hold rallies and try to inform how they will govern. What you will do on day one is a common question. You seem to hold it against the senator for having an answer. You say at least Trump has a party to answer to. I've yet to see him answer for anything. Remember, he can do anything he wants, according to the Dershowitz doctrine.

Why are the senator's potential executive orders worrying you, when the guy issuing them currently has no limit or self-control?

And get this, Senator Sanders wants to combat the climate crisis, while the current occupant is doing everything to encourage wanton destruction of the planet. The senator acknowledges the devastation happening. Look at the destruction in Australia, Puerto Rico, Houston, California and on and on around the world. Don't we want to do everything possible to keep Earth habitable for our future generations?

So how did his poll numbers get so high? Because he believes that the richest country in the world should care for all its people with basics like a livable wage, good education, health care, civil rights, equality, and reforming immigration and the justice system, ending the endless wars, promoting diplomacy and yes, combating the climate crisis.

I have followed Senator Sanders for many years, well before his run for president in 2016. He is the person you see. There is no big corporate money behind the curtain. He has always fought for the "little guy" and will continue to do that. There will never be a perfect person or candidate, but rest assured, Senator Sanders will fight for us. He has my vote.



Cannot understand it

I read Louis Burnett's letter Monday morning telling everyone how proud he is to be labeled a "deplorable."

I'm wondering which part of "deplorable" Mr. Burnett is proudest to be. According to Hillary Clinton's definition, he could be racist, he could be sexist, he could be homophobic, he could be xenophobic, he could be Islamaphobic, or possibly any combination of those. It's just hard for me to understand how anyone could be proud to be any of those things.



Took one for the team

Is Mitt Romney getting too much media attention? Well, heck no, such political courage is a very rare event. We should also acknowledge that a few Democrats from Trump country also took significant risk. But how can anyone not be impressed with Romney's vote on Article One? Wow, talk about taking one for the team, which in this case is the country, the Constitution and his oath. This was darn heroic given that he knew full well the consequences. Could we please have an Arkansas senator like him some day?

Some colleagues have already called for throwing him under the bus. Maybe (some say) he just wanted to make his mark in history (doubtful), which he assuredly did and positively on the righteousness side of the issue. Of course he's disfavored now like John McCain and Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman. Trump is repelled by real courage and character as he at least does seem to know that he is completely incapable of any such higher human capacities.

Tragic comedy? At least I had a good laugh at Susan Collins, Lamar Alexander and other Republicans thinking out loud that he'd learned his lesson and would behave himself. Ha! What a side-splitter.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Cotton and Boozman (plus our House members) continue to kiss the majesty's um ... we'll call it a ring ... and pretend that Trump and his behavior are acceptable. Please do the right thing and go sit in some ashes.



On electoral college

Recent electoral-college views by columnist Dana Kelley and subscriber Mr. Allen Seay hurled me back to a memory of my high school senior year. Good friends Richard and Lee were very bright and thoughtful members of the debate team. I heard them go back and forth, pro and con, all semester, re the electoral college. Both were thorough and skillful such that I went for and against many times over.

To this day, and after having voted in every election since 1960, when the "popular" vote issue arises to challenge the validity of an "elected" candidate I hear Richard and Lee. Of course it's the voices of current opposing advocates. I listened and did my best to give the same balance of thought as afforded my ol' friends. Still, I have found no absolute that says go electoral or popular. Fair to say I need a much deeper study and understanding of this issue. There may be fair and proper amendments to the procedure. I would listen yet again.

It is said that Secretary Clinton achieved a popular-vote margin of over 3 million. She also had a majority of California votes alone of over 4.2 million. Some then say she was elected president of the Republic of California.



Editorial on 02/14/2020

Print Headline: Letters

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