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Silent but powerful

The silent majority: Been a while since we've heard that, hasn't it? That's because we've been working our jobs, raising our families, going to church, resting and playing on the weekends. Most of the time we are happy because we've learned to function within the parameters set for us without constant complaint. A lot of us are soldiers, we know the price of liberty, and we are not going to let our basic freedom as spelled out in the Bill of Rights be violated; if some radical tries, there will be pushback, and it won't be pretty.

We want anyone who wants refuge in this great country to have it as long as it's done legally. We believe in the Golden Rule and will help those who can't help themselves. If you're just lazy or feel entitled, we aren't going to do much for you. We know the Bible is the word of God and not subject to social distortion. We know the Ten Commandments are the law of God. We know that to bear false witness against your neighbor violates the commandments, but there has been a lot of that lately.

We know that we will always be overlooked by the mainstream media because we're too boring and happy. Yes, we're still here, and you will hear from us this November.


Hot Springs

Spiritual indigestion

Several years ago as Chief Chaplain of the South Dakota Legislature, I helped plan and hold the first Governor's Prayer Breakfast in the state. It was modeled on the National Prayer Breakfast, and we were extremely careful to make it apolitical, reverent, and uplifting for all the participants. I was sickened to see what happened this past week at the National Prayer Breakfast. Our megalomaniac leader debased the event with his highly political, irreverent and insulting remarks.

Perhaps his advisers should have tutored him in matters of religion. At the very least they could have prepared him to hear the words of Jesus on love. He acted as if love were one option among many for him. Most of us who are any sort of Christian at all know that Jesus was giving a command, not a suggestion or opinion on love.

Jesus also said, "You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." As long as this man continues to lead by the persuasion of his many lies, I fear that freedom (spiritual and political) will elude us!


Hot Springs Village

Question for scholars

This is a religious question for those that know the Bible. I am not and do not pretend to be. However, this question has come to mind: Does our president, Donald Trump, share any commonalities with the description of the Anti-Christ in the Book of Revelation?

Let's see what the scholars out there think about this.


Bella Vista

Editorial on 02/13/2020

Print Headline: Letters

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