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DEAR READERS: Today's Sound Off is about providing for pets if the owners have passed away:

"Please remind all pet owners, especially those of us who are elderly, that it is vital that you provide for your pets in case they survive you. I have seen too many beloved pets put down because their owners didn't leave provisions for their care. Please, Heloise, print this. People read and follow your advice. Do this for all pet owners and their furry friends."

-- Carol M., Texas

I agree with you 100%. One of the kindest things you can do for your pets is to find someone who will offer to take care of them and give them a good home after you're gone. Don't assume that your friends or family are willing to take your pets into their home. Talk it over to see how they feel about that additional responsibility.

DEAR READERS: Here are some additional uses for hydrogen peroxide:

• Whiten your nails. Soak a cotton pad with hydrogen peroxide and rub your nails.

• Disinfect your toothbrush.

• Freshen your breath -- swish some hydrogen peroxide around in your mouth, but do not swallow.

DEAR HELOISE: There are some basic rules of etiquette that passengers should follow to make their airline flight as comfortable and stress-free as possible. First, if you're waiting in the Transportation Security Administration line, do not stop and open your luggage. It holds up the line. Do not fall asleep on your fellow passenger's shoulder. Make sure your carry-on luggage fits into the overhead bin or under your seat, and do not take longer than one minute to store those items. We all need our personal space, so respect your seatmate's space. If you bring food on board, make certain it has a low odor or no odor. Do not recline your seat all the way back.

-- Lorraine in Colorado

DEAR HELOISE: I've discovered an easy way to stay on top of my housekeeping. Years ago, I decided that every day, when I got home from work, I would assign myself a housekeeping task. For example, I might take out the trash, mop the kitchen floor, change the sheets or do a load of laundry. This made keeping up with things around my home so much easier and less of a chore.

-- Vanessa in New Mexico

Send a money- or time-saving hint to Heloise, P.O. Box 795001, San Antonio, Texas 78279-5000; fax to (210) 435-6473; or email

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ActiveStyle on 02/10/2020

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