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story.lead_photo.caption Lasso and Pillow Cub


What's to love: A way to keep necklaces from tangling while traveling.

What does it do: It's a short plastic tube with caps on each end. To keep necklaces from becoming tangled, open one end and insert the necklace's pendant and close the lid with the chain hanging out through a notch, then wrap the chain around the tube and put the clasp in through the notch on the other side. Snap closed the lids and the necklace stays in place. There's also enough room inside the tube to store a ring or small pair of earrings. The Lasso is also a great way to keep earphone wires tangle-free. The lasso sells for $18.99. More information is available here:

Pillow Cube

What's to love: A pillow made for side sleepers that supports the neck.

What does it do: The cube is made of memory foam with a quilted pillow cover and soft bamboo pillowcase. It comes in two sizes. The company says "People with broad shoulders and big noggins" will probably prefer the 7-inch size, "while people with narrower shoulders" will like the 5-inch size. The pillow is made to help keep the neck and back aligned while sleeping. It sells for $70. More information, including a video and helping to figure out which size pillow is best for the user, is available at

— Cary Jenkins

HomeStyle on 02/08/2020

Print Headline: Tools and toys

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