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NWA Letters to the Editor

by Heidi Wells | December 22, 2020 at 4:00 a.m.

Forcing library to open

in pandemic isn't wise

I'm dismayed a City Council member would threaten to cut funding to the Springdale Public Library unless the library opens its doors at the height of a pandemic.

Suggesting that the library should open as normal because public schools are open is a poor comparison.

School buildings accommodate the same group of known individuals each day and function as a tight community. A library, on the other hand, sees thousands of individuals each week.

As temporary morgues are opening around our state, it is foolish to insist that the library open as usual, or even at a reduced capacity. Covid-19 is spread by sharing air, and library leadership has been innovative in making the facility and services available to the public this year while minimizing the number of people in the same airspace.

Further, they have been prudent in not filling open positions at this time.

I urge the council to support the Springdale Public Library's decision to temporarily limit the use of their facilities while continuing to serve our community and to fully fund the library for 2021, when the facility will be open at full capacity.

Sarah E. King


Are 'cult" Republicans

engaging in sedition?

Sedition, if not the definition, the application, has been around since the beginning of people wanting to be in charge of caves or others. What is it? Sedition is the conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority or state in charge. Revolt is to rise in rebellion. Does this sound familiar to what we hear on the news?

The president, Republican senators and House members and state elected officials support sedition either by statements, tacit omission or side-stepping actual statements or actions. Our attorney general, Leslie Rutledge, is also included in sedition, by joining with others on the Texas lawsuit. She needs to resign or be investigated.

Martial law is even being processed between the ears of many Republicans, most whom have abrogated their duties/application to the Constitution and what our Founding Fathers warned us about with power-hungry cult/political leaders.

Our two U.S. senators have by omission to speak or act, agreed tacitly with sedition/martial law.

Franklin, Hamilton and James Madison saw the future enemy to a democratic republic and cult Republicans appear to have said: Let it be me.

Bud Hanks



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