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• Loletta Nathan-Gordon, a Transportation Security Administration employee at New Jersey's Newark Liberty International Airport, saw an email and needed just six minutes to track down a lost wedding dress so it could be sent overnight to Ohio to arrive just in time for a wedding.

• Joel Poor, an associate professor at the University of Missouri in Columbia, was relieved of his teaching duties after a recording was posted on social media of him saying, "Well, let me get my mask on," after one of his students said he was from Wuhan, China.

• Brad Wachsmuth, a kayaker who discovered a message in a bottle floating in the Broadkill River near Milton, Del., contacted the town historical society so he could return it to Cathi Riddle, who still lives in Milton and who tossed the bottle into the river 35 years ago.

• Fabiana Pierre-Louis, 39, a daughter of Haitian immigrants and a former assistant U.S. attorney nominated to serve on the New Jersey Supreme Court, is on track to become the first Black woman to sit on the state's highest court after winning confirmation from a state Senate committee.

• Raphael Domjan leaped from an experimental solar-powered plane flying 5,000 feet over an airfield in western Switzerland, making what the plane's designers, the SolarStratos team, called the first parachute jump from an electric aircraft.

• David Procopio, a Massachusetts State Police spokesman, said it was the illegality of the act and not politics that resulted in state workers painting over graffiti proclaiming "Trump 2020" that was scrawled in large yellow letters in two places on a Boston street.

• Waheba Issa Dais, 48, of Cudahy, Wis., a mother of seven who pleaded guilty in 2019 to trying to plan terrorist attacks using hacked social media accounts, was sentenced to 90 months in federal prison, prosecutors said.

• Krystal Lewandowski of Fort Worth, accused of telling a 911 dispatcher that her 4-year-old daughter, Czara, was missing before saying she had slit the girl's throat and then telling investigators that she killed the girl to save her from someone else, was charged with capital murder.

• Smitty Oliver Melton, 65, of Augusta, Ga., arrested in South Carolina after being accused of fatally shooting a code enforcement officer sent to post a "condemned" sign on his home, was returned to Georgia to face a murder charge, prosecutors said.

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