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LINCOLN -- A decent turnout on a hot summer day witnessed some Lincoln Riding Club points leaders assert themselves Sunday while others slipped a rung in the standings.

After four Play Days involving points accumulated for barrel racing, pole bending, and a one barrel speed race taking the place of flags competition a single competitor leads all three categories in 5-of-the-6 age divisions: Scarlett Scraper, Leadline; Emma Parker, 8 & Under; Bailey Sizemore, 9-11; Alexis Arnold, 15-17; and Angelina Downing, 18 & Over.

The lone exception shows up in the 12-14 age group with Chloie Thomas taking the top spot in barrel racing despite knocking over a barrel during the July 12 Play Day which knocked her out of a first place finish with five seconds added to her time of 17.546. Chloie came back strong Sunday and won the barrel race with an even better time of 17.525. Chloie has 15 points overall in barrels.

Shania Downing is right in the mix with 14 points, good for second place in barrels, and leads both the flags (21 points) and pole bending (23 points). Shania won the pole bending Sunday running through the course in 26.688.

Chloie (17 points) and Mika Arnold (16) contend in flags while Mika has racked up 17 points in poles to hold down second place.


After Four Play Days


Scarlett Scraper^24^22^23

Taylin Scraper^18^20^19

Ellie Edgmon^9^8^9

Gauge Perkins^8^9^8

Oakley Edgmon^5^4^5


Mason Parker^0^0^0

8 & Under^Barrels^Flags^Poles

Emma Parker^18^18^12

Delilah Alvarez^4^8^0

Tripp Perkins^4^10^4

Brittany Mullins^5^4^0*


Bailey Sizemore^22^22^24

Gunner Downing^17^17^15

Gavin Hammack^11^11^11

Tatum Perkins^5^9^0


Shania Downing^14^21^23

Chloie Thomas^15^17^9

Mika Arnold^11^16^17

Savannah Perkins^11^8^9

Erin Green^8^6^12

Kyleigh Cook^13^2^3

Alex Yates^4^4^0

Hannah Hayes^4^2^0

Jasmine Lewis^1^1^1

Cheyenne Yates^0^3^1

Madison Hammack^0^0^2

Alexis Ives^0^4^0*


Alexis Arnold^16^15^17

Arianna Price^14^13^11

Kristen Mitchell^7^13^14

Mattie Turn^11^11^11

Landree Cunningham^11^11^9

Ashley Green^13^7^10

Judygail McNeely^3^5^0

Destiny Bowerman^2^4^0

Katelen Green^4^2^2

Cara Parrot^0^0^2

Tanna Wagner^2^0^0*

Tucker Sizemore^0^2^0*

Aiden Green^0^0^4*

Gracie McReynolds^0^0^0*

Colton Washington^0^1^1*

Tinisha Jordan^4^0^0*

18 & Over^Barrels^Flags^Poles

Angelina Downing^21^23^18

Marlana Edgmon^15^15^9

Dusti Cole^12^12^17*

Kylee Bobacher^9^9^10

Danyel Moore^4^5^6*

Dean Edgmon^2^7^6

Joy Washington^2^3^3

Shawn Hammack^2^2^1

Maria Bouska^0^2^4

Teresa Sellers^0^3^3


Tiffany Mendez^7^0^0

Ashley Murch^1^0^5*

Cheyenne Caldwell^0^1^1*

Jamie Washington^0^0^1*

Donald Vaught^0^0^2

Jamie Guthary^0^0^2

Krystyn Cox^0^0^0

Jimmy Mullins^0^0^0*

Amanda Waters^0^0^0*

Tracy Croker^0^0^0*

*Not eligible for awards

Mark Humphrey may be reached by email at [email protected]

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