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Democrats show stripes in treatment of AG Barr

I hope every American got to watch the cavalcade of Capitol Hill clowns on Tuesday, when one attack dog after another demonstrated the ignorant, snarling nastiness of the Democrat Party. Attorney General Bill Barr sat patiently, listening to their hate-drenched tirades, then was denied the right, let alone the common courtesy, of answering their questions. Time after time, he would begin to address their accusations, and these mental midgets routinely interrupted, "Reclaiming my time." They didn't want answers. They wanted partisan snippets for campaign ads.

But, Jabba Jerry took the cake, denying Barr a five-minute break, after hours of their partisan roast. What a petty, little tyrant. The fact that Nancy Pelosi made this mental midget the chairman of a committee tells you a lot about the Democrat Party.

At one point, I turned to my wife and said, "This is our government." What an embarrassment and total waste of the attorney general's time, not to mention the fact that we pay these clowns.

Nov. 3, people: We must clean house.

Kenneth Fendler

Bella Vista

Nation's leaders ignore needs of 'little people'

OK, so let me see if I got this right: The second stimulus package is looking to run off of the same principles as the CARES Act, which in essence screws over SSI recipients above the age of 17 who are claimed as dependents.

Many of us did not get any financial help the first time just because of that fact. Our medical or mental disabilities have not changed; our need for help with transportation costs to and from doctors have not changed; and our need for assistance paying bills and buying groceries has not changed.

It seems to me our government does not really care a great deal about the "little people" in our country. I am a grown man who was passed over the first time on the first round of stimulus checks simply because of my dependent status.

I worked my entire life in the back-breaking labor jobs that most Americans are too proud or too lazy to do. My body is beaten down in more ways that most people even know about. I am in fourth-stage kidney failure trying to get on a transplant list; meanwhile, I am seeing a psychiatrist and in therapy for a plethora of mental issues dating back to early childhood, and relating to dealing with everyday issues.

So my point is, I've gotten a giant "screw you" from our leaders who are supposed to be looking out for the well being of "every American." I am not sitting at home collecting insane amounts of unemployment, basically paying me not to go back to work. I am not involved in any protests, peaceful or otherwise. I am not a looter. I am not clashing with police officers, or bouncing around the Internet trying to "muscle" my point of view off onto others. And apparently, I and others in my situation are not worthy of consideration by the powers that be!

Thanks for the proverbial foot in the rear from our distinguished leaders.

Thomas Morse


What has president set upon the nation?

Never did I think I would see the president set his unidentified goons upon our fellow Americans.

To me, it harkens back to Hitler's Brown Shirts.

John Robert McAuley


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