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story.lead_photo.caption Speaking of Arkansas

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As the population of Northwest Arkansas grows, so does the pressure on undeveloped lands that help give the region its natural feel. And what is Northwest Arkansas if it's not full of options to experience nature?

Building up the region to handle the influx of businesses and residents is an intentional act — construction of restaurants, apartments, houses, office buildings. Advocates say the preservation of natural spaces needs to be every bit as intentional, lest Northwest Arkansas residents are willing to chart a course toward a future as a concrete jungle, as has happened in other areas with growing populations.

"Land is being consumed at an astronomical rate," says Terri Lane, executive director of the Northwest Arkansas Land Trust.

In this edition of "Speaking of Arkansas," host Greg Harton speaks with Lane about her organization's work to set aside land protected from development, particularly in the increasingly urban areas of Benton and Washington counties.

Below are links to organizations or sites mentioned in this podcast:

U.S. Census Bureau —

Northwest Arkansas Land Trust — or on Facebook at

To read a profile of Terri Lane that appeared in the Feb. 16, 2020, edition of the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, readers can visit

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