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  1. Donald Trump is credited with this 1987 business-advice book.

  2. This novel by Canadian Lucy Maud Montgomery was published in 1908.

  3. This feline is introduced in The House at Pooh Corner.

  4. What novel by James Hilton is set in the fictional Shangri-La?

  5. What is the name of the central character in The Catcher in the Rye?

  6. Earl Derr Biggers created this fictional Chinese American detective.

  7. Provide the famous author's surname: Ian Lancaster __.

  8. This allegory ends with the line "So I awoke, and behold it was a dream."

  9. In which novel does Heathcliff say, "I must go, Cathy"?


  1. Trump: The Art of the Deal

  2. Anne of Green Gables

  3. Tigger

  4. Lost Horizon

  5. Holden Caulfield

  6. Charlie Chan

  7. Fleming

  8. The Pilgrim's Progress

  9. Wuthering Heights

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Print Headline: Super Quiz: Literature

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