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It's the courteous thing to do on the area's trails

Bella Vista Trail by Lake Bella Vista is a great place to walk. I used to walk/run around White Rock Lake in Dallas and it was expected and followed that bikers, walkers, runners were to say "passing on the left" when going around someone.

"Movers" at the Bella Vista Trail do not consistently do that. If I had moved to the left just a little I would have been run over several times. I do not use earbuds and can hear them.

As a safety and courtesy measure, please let people know you are coming by.

Eddie Lou Taylor

Bella Vista

Brexit effort similar to Southern secession

Here we have those darn Brits wanting to leave the European Union. How dare they want to be able to control their own country and determine for themselves who comes into their country and how their country operates and how taxes are decided! How dare they. Who do they think they are?

I think most Americans believe European countries are more progressive (socialistic) than America with higher taxes, larger governments, larger welfare programs, etc. Why is it then the European countries (European Union) are not waging war on England to remain in the EU?

Britain joined the EU voluntarily and therefore has the right to leave the union. This is the exact same logic the Southern states used when they seceded from the Union they had joined voluntarily. In fact, three states, New York, Rhode Island and Virginia, approved the ratification of the Constitution with the stipulation that they had the right to secede. Virginia went so far as to say the state has the right to secede for any reason our citizens deem appropriate. The 4th Article of our Constitution says that if one state has a right, all states have the same right. Therefore all states have the right to secede.

It was Lincoln who waged war on the South, not over slavery but over taxes and tariffs. The North would have been dealt a severe blow if the South would have stopped paying tariffs on imports. Look up the Corwin Amendment, which passed the House and Senate. It said the government would not interfere with slavery in perpetuity. Lincoln said he would sign the Corwin Amendment if the South came back into the Union. The South rejected his offer since they did not secede over slavery but over taxes. Exactly the same reason we fought the Revolutionary War with the Brits.

Or what about the official Northern war goal, embodied in the Crittenden-Johnson resolution that passed both houses almost unanimously in July 1861 to restore the Union without interference with slavery.

I believe the only reason the EU does not wage war on Britain is because the EU will not be harmed as severely as the Northern states were going to be harmed if the South had formed their own country.

My question is, who is more socialistic (has a larger, more powerful central government), American or the EU?

Mike Clifford


Commentary on 09/11/2019

Print Headline: NWA Letters to the Editor

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