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  1. The _ galloped along the _.

  2. The lion will sense danger as it _ the _.

  3. The injury to his arm was _ his _.

  4. John looked very _ wearing the _ of a judge.

  5. There is no _ of the _ that contained the valuable books.

  6. The _ of Chopin was buried in the _ of his native Poland.

  7. Bob's drinking _ didn't _ until after his wife died.

  8. The _ of experts boarded the _ together.

  9. We can _ the schedule _, not now.


  1. Horse, shore

  2. Nears, snare

  3. Below, elbow

  4. Sober, robes

  5. Trace, crate

  6. Heart, earth

  7. Binge, begin

  8. Panel, plane

  9. Alter, later

ActiveStyle on 09/09/2019

Print Headline: Super Quiz: Five-letter anagrams

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