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U.S. patents awarded to Arkansans

Sept. 3, 2019

Patent 10,398,585 B2. Shoulder and Arm Restraint. Issued to Wesley Cox of Fayetteville. Assigned to Xtreme Orthopedics LLC of Fayetteville.

Patent 10,399,587 B2. Shopping Cart Bagging Station and Method of Forming the Same. Issued to Yurgis Mauro Bacallao of Centerton. Assigned to Walmart Apollo LLC of Bentonville.

Patent 10,400,951 B2. Dunnage Bag Suspender. Issued to Anthony K. Beard of Poyen and Joseph W. Gault of Sheridan. Assigned to Signode Industrial Group LLC of Glenview, Ill.

Patent 10,401,471 B2. Object Tracking Method and System. Issued to Anthony Hyatt, Stephen Witty and Kevin Henry, all of Harrison. Assigned to FedEx Corporate Services Inc., of Memphis.

Patent 10,402,368 B2. Content Aggregation for Unstructured Data. Issued to Jesse Jaggars, Christopher Sams and Michael Clark, all of Little Rock, and Kyle Lape of Austin, Texas. Assigned to Red Hat Inc. of Raleigh, N.C.

Patent 10,402,744 B2. Automatically Self-Learning Bidirectional Synchronization of a Source System and a Target System. Issued to Ajay K. Behuria and Shuvamoy Saha, both of Bentonville, James E. Bostick of Cedar Park, Texas, John M. Ganci Jr. of Cary, N.C., Souvik Majumdar of Kolkata, India, and David S. Wenk of Byron Center, Mich. Assigned to International Business Machines Corp. of Armonk, N.Y.

Patent 10,402,764 B2. Systems and Methods of Controlling Quantities of Denominations of Currency at a Retail Shopping Facility. Issued to Betsy Goosman Nail of Bentonville, Christopher M. Johnson of Bella Vista and Ehsan Nazarian of Rogers. Assigned to Walmart Apollo LLC of Bentonville.

Patent 10,402,776 B2. System and Method for Conducting a Multi-Channel Order. Issued to Vadim Grabovski of Fayetteville, Issa Abboud of Cave Springs, Chris Venable and Craig Huber, both of Bentonville, and John Collier of Aventura, Fla. Assigned to Walmart Apollo LLC of Bentonville.

Patent 10,402,870 B2. System and Method for Indicating Queue Characteristics of Electronic Terminals. Issued to William Hogg of Rogers and Issa Abboud of Cave Springs. Assigned to Walmart Apollo LLC of Bentonville.

Patent 10,404,826 B2. Content Based Routing Architecture System and Method. Issued to Sandesh N. Ramnathkar of Bentonville. Assigned to Walmart Apollo LLC of Bentonville.

Patent 10,404,846 B1. Communication System. Issued to Bobby L. Shipman Jr. and Jason Cochran, both of Jonesboro, and Bryan Taylor of Bono. Assigned to Tech Friends Inc. of Jonesboro.

Patent 10,405,450 B2. High Power Multi-layer Module Having Low Inductance and Fast Switching for Paralleling Power Devices. Issued to Brice McPherson and Alex Lostetter, both of Fayetteville. Assigned to Cree Fayetteville Inc. of Fayetteville.

Patent US D858,220 S. Tenderizing Preparation Device. Issued to Earl McDonald of Magnolia.

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