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  1. Terrorists attack this New York City site.

  2. The U.S. invades this country and topples the Taliban regime.

  3. Benedict XVI attains this position.

  4. He becomes the first black U.S. president.

  5. The U.S. invades this country and topples Saddam Hussein.

  6. This U.S. military prison is established.

  7. This space shuttle is destroyed upon reentry.

  8. The Orange Revolution takes place in this country.

  9. She becomes Germany's first woman chancellor.


  1. World Trade Center/Twin Towers

  2. Afghanistan

  3. Pope

  4. Barack Obama

  5. Iraq

  6. Guantanamo Bay detention camp

  7. Columbia

  8. Ukraine

  9. Angela Merkel

HomeStyle on 09/07/2019

Print Headline: Super Quiz: Events of the 21st Century

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